Zara Distressed Jeans

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zara distressed jeans

This is a true story. I posted this photo ahead in my Instagram account because the story behind it is really funny.

More than 10 years ago, I remember watching Renee Salud being interviewed on TV. For those who doesn’t know him, Renee Salud is a gay fashion designer and “beauty-queen-maker” in the Philippines. If I remember it right, he said that Filipinos should avoid wearing distressed/ripped clothes for the sake of fashion because the Philippines is already a 3rd World country and those type of clothes can only make you look poorer. I agree to some extent. I am not fond of what they call “gusot-mayaman” (pre-wrinkled) clothes because it will only look “gusot-mahirap” on me.

Nowadays, ripped or distressed jeans have gained much popularity in the fashion-forward market and I can’t blame the elderly to question why would you buy a new piece of clothing that looks like it has been beaten and torn apart? Actually, Rolex’ mom once took pity on his son when she saw him wearing a pair of distressed jeans. Believing that he is fashion-forward (haha), Rolex explained that it’s part of the design and that it is the “in” thing 🙂

Last week, we toured my mama and my sister in the mountainous areas in this corner of the world and obviously, I did not follow the fashion advice of Renee Salud. I was wearing a pair of Zara Distressed Jeans.

zara ripped jeans

Photos of our trip were uploaded on Facebook and when Rolex’ local friend saw my #ootd, this is what he has to say:

Dear Rolex,

Please buy a decent pair of jeans for your wife.



I am not sure if he’s serious but I find it so cute, I just laughed at it. What more if he sees this?

distressed jeans

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zara distressed jeans

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