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Rue de Long Champ
Since the panic mode at Louis Vuitton Champs Elysees did not make a pocket effect nor a credit-card effect (naki-CR lang po kasi), we ended up with the search of the alternative bag, the Longchamp Le Pliage…yes its origin is France, not that expensive compared to a LV and its like the “uso” casual bag of the moment. As I’ve said before, If you go to France, it is worth buying at least one French brand bag (souvenir). At dahil wala akong sense of direction, I have to rely on Rolex in the search for the store that sells Longchamp in Paris…go googlemaps and we found out that there are 5 shops near our location. While we were having lunch at McDonalds in Champs Elysees, there were 2 French ladies who shared a table with us. They were actually college students and unexpectedly, they were friendly so the “turista’ in Rolex made pa-charming and asked for directions.

Rolex: Hi, can you give us directions on how to reach the nearest LONGCHAMP store?

Ladies: (Projecting a question mark face)

Rolex: L-O-N-G-C-H-A-M-P

Ladies: (Projecting a another question mark face)

It’s not Ms. Universe, there is no interpreter, so Rolex wrote LONGCHAMP on a piece of paper.

Ladies : Ah….LU-SHUMP

Ohmygawd, LONGCHAMP kami ng LONGCHAMP, when the proper French pronunciation is LU-SHUMP!

We went to that store and find out that its not the actual boutique…ayoko kasi gusto ko yung may paper bag sa brand,haha! The following day, which is a Sunday after walking “do not count the distance” distance, we reached the Boutique Longchamp in Rue St. Honore and found out it was close, the jinx in me has kicked again! Of course it’s a Sunday! Pwede bang mag-rest din ang mga tindera? On our last day in Paris, we finally found the nearest Longchamp shop which is so near to our hotel…and Rolex got me the purple one in medium long handle. Thanks hon!

Longchamp Paris
I got mine at the Longchamp boutique in Printemps Haussmann.

So far, I am liking it…though it looks plain, it is actually goes very well on any casual outfits.

bag story
It’s so roomy, it can fit a bottle of mineral water and a bottle of coke and the rest of my buting2x…perfect for travel.

There is NO Longchamp boutique in Rue de Longchamp.
UPDATE: I asked the expert in bags, no other than Ms. Ingrid of the thebaghagdiaries.com and she graciously sent me a direct message via twitter : LONGCHAMP ( LONG-SHUM ).

Love the Longchamp Le Pliage? Click here to shop.


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  • Noemimyla

    thanks elnz…now, im wanting to have one because it sounds social pala lu-shump…i didnt like it before because longchamp sounds like long jump champion…masyadong athletic hehe

    • http://thekaloka.com/ kaloka

      actually Rolex thought that it looks like “sako” or “trapal”…haha