The World I Know Now

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I slept past 12 midnight. While Rolex is sleeping like a baby, I was wide awake. Then my niece AJ who is in the UK sent me a video of herself dancing to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Beat It in class (just for fun and FYI she’s already in College). I thought it was crazy and I forwarded it to my bff Fiona who is in Canada (FYI AJ, Ate Fiona said you’ve got the moves). And now because of that dance video, I was even wide awake sitting alone in the den of our flat in the Land of Kaugahan while texting with 2 other people from other spots in the world.

A few minutes later, NYTimes just popped up on my Iphone bearing one of the saddest news: “Two bombs exploded seconds apart near the finish line at the Boston Marathon.” Just like that. It was still fresh, no updates yet as to the casualties. Now, tell me how I was able to sleep…with a heavy heart?

I woke up around 6:10 AM not too early to have ample time to prepare breakfast. My right arm is still in pain due to continuous work the other day (time to check ergonomics or am I just really getting old?). Good thing I am not really swamped with work today so I had some time to blog after lunch and browse the net. Here’s what I found:

Men ejected from Saudi Festival, deported for being too handsome – Is this for real?

Gwyneth Paltrow at 40, looking like Barbie


Beyonce’s new H&M Campaign

Shoe moment!

Then while writing this post, I felt a little shake. I looked up and the files above me are still intact and not moving. I said to myself, ok this is just the result of not having the right amount of sleep. I saw my officemates and they were just busy talking, so the tremors must be in my head only. A few minutes later, one of them just said that there was an earthquake in Muscat, the capital city. Now it validated my observations a while ago, the tremors are not in my head alone. There was really an earthquake. My very first earthquake experience in this land.

So to end this non-sense talk, I just have a few questions in my mind: What is happening to the world I know now? Why can’t I have all my favorite people in one place with me? How insane it is to plant a bomb or two!!! and leave the people who joins marathons crippled? Why body pain comes so easy with age? Why being too handsome is a crime? Does it go with being too ugly too? Why Gwyneth Paltrow looks like the perfect woman? While I wish for Beyonce’s body when I was too thin when I was younger, I still admire her now more than that. How can I sing and dance like her? Why I haven’t found the most comfortable shoes in the world? Just because these pairs might be as pricey as their comfort? What the hell is this earthquake doing here?


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