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As I've put it in my previous entry, I wanted to chop my hair. I think I have tried all hairstyles except the skinhead or totally-bald look (no, please not in my lifetime). As a kid, with the tiny frame that I have, I was always told that longer hair will make me more tiny because it will suck all the vitamins and minerals in my body. In short, I never tried what it feels like to have braids and all. My hair was always short and my mom or my eldest sister will just be playing hairstylist to me.

I cant imagine why in the world I chose those pair of shoes at 6. Fasyon lang ang peg!

So from kinder to gradeschool to highschool to college…I was just sporting a short hairdo. In fact, I attended our college graduation with a very short hair. I think the shortest I've ever had since I became a teenager. As they say, hairstyle involves feelings and emotion. I felt so free being free from my studies! Yes, graduate na ako! So feeling free that I even wanted to get a tattoo. My goodness gracious, my mom wouldn't agree so I ended up wearing a short hair and a fake tattoo on my ankle.haha! I was looking for a picture but my graduation album is in my mom's place (read: digital camera wasn't invented then). In a way, I tried to make a balance. With so much effort, I tried to let my hair grow so at least I'll have long hair on my yearbook then cut it after the pictorial.

In 2008 at 28, I resigned from work, cut my hair short again and used half of my life's savings and travelled alone to UK. Do you think there is no emotion involved this time? Hahaha! Your guess is as good as mine.

Pretty much I was confused what I want in my life at that time. I didn't even realize that a year after that, I will be getting married. So I tied my neck, I mean tied the knot in the year 2009 to my boyfriend of 8 years (successfully surpassed the 7 year itch). If I only knew, I wouldn't have chopped my hair the year before! It's so difficult to let your hair grow in time for your wedding…because the hairstylist just require a long hair.Period.

In case I was not successful in growing my hair, the hairstylist I guess can always put a fake French bun.

Today, I was chatting with my mom, now 67, in the web for hours. We were talking about anything..from the latest chismis to the real things that matter in life (specially married life). We also talked about our love for jewelries (excited to see her gift for me this July). Then she noticed and said that my hair was already very long. I agreed considering that my hair length is almost boob-length (sorry for the lack of measurement comparison). I told her that I want to cut it short but its way too expensive here plus I dont really trust the hairstylist here. In fact, Rolex' barber (suki) volunteered to do my hair. Actually I didn't mind because he was really good. I am a witness since Rolex would always force me to accompany him in the barbershop. My favorite hairstylist in Pnas is even a man (not a woman nor gay), but my mom said to wait and get my hair done in Pnas. Well, mama knows best! 

Photo taken ByBernard. The last time I had short hair was in 2010.

If split ends persist, I'll have a trim then a brand new hair will have to wait till July or August.


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