The Glamorous/ Not-so Glamorous Job

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On several occasions in the past, I’ve been asked…”Don’t you want to be a flight attendant?” In all honesty, I am surprised because I really see flight stewardess as tall and beautiful and just chica! I know I wouldn’t pass with my swimming skills and 125/125 vision.

When I started to discover my passion for travelling, I began to realize that being a flight stewardess is not really that glamorous. I mean, I do not see myself serving coffee or tea to passengers nor help in keeping those overweight hand-carry luggage in the overhead storage. But the perks of going to different places for free, I would love that.

Forget about the kind of work they do but the one thing that makes them look glamorous is their uniforms, right? Let’s take a look at how this chic uniform has evolved.

A Boeing 377 sleeping berth. Date Unknown


American Airlines, “American Field Flowers Collection by Leonard Fisher” circa 1971-1974

Mario Zamparelli designed these uniforms for Hughes Airwest between 1972-77

Flight attendants for Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) in 1973.

In November 1974, Qantas Airways debuted a new flight attendant uniform by Emilio Pucci.

Two Thai Airways flight attendants act as models during a fashion show held on board a passenger flight from Bangkok to Phuket October 15, 2003.

Virgin America’s new uniform designed by Banana Republic.

Air France uniform designed by Christian Lacroix

ven the smallest wardrobe details are covered at an Emirates Airline class for prospective crew members

Qatar Airways has topped a list of “best-dressed” airlines conducted by airfare comparison site Skyscanner.

If I am to design a flight stewardess’ uniform, I will make one that is so-comfy feels like you are in your jammies.

PS. – One day more! I’ll be in Singapore…and Im flying with one of my favorite airlines, Qatar Airways. The good thing is, Im flying free. So save up your miles. Bye!


Qatar Airways HQ 728x90

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