The Bad Word or the Bad Name

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Last night I was watching the prime time news program TV Patrol on TFC. Raymart Santiago was on air being interviewed about the recent “Celebrity Death Match “ that he and wife Claudine Barretto had with journalist Mon Tulfo. Raymart said that his wife Claudine did not swear at (nagmura) the Cebu Pacific flight stewardess.

Hmmm. No comment on Claudine’s cussing. But the hell-like experience I had with Cebu Pacific made me say WTF (complete words with exclamation point!) to the ground staff of Cebu Pacific. So I totally understand her. Though I hope she said the WTF than the words she utter on the video (mas sossy lang, haha!).

Now, the mother of the flight stewardess is demanding a public apology from Claudine. Do you think its really necessary or right? What is necessary is that Cebu Pacific, the root of all evil should apologize to the People of the Philippines. Period. No questions asked.

I googled and found out what the name “Claudine” means:

– A very sexual person. Party animal and spends money to buy clothes.– An agressive, a bitch who doesn’t know what she wants and often has mental/emotional breakdowns and drains everyone with her paranoia issues yet we can’t help but still love her.

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