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If there is someone who knows myself very well, its no other than myself. Right or wrong? It can really be daunting not knowing who you are. I mean at my age? Hello! I don’t want to wait until I turn 40 and let my life begin. Over the past years, I have mastered the […] CONTINUE READING →


The fridge is empty and its time to reload…Just a friendly advice…Do not go to the grocery…When your tummy has no load… Promise, huwag talaga kayong mag-grocery na gutom. Base on experience, nag-over budget ako kasi feeling ko lahat gusto kong kainin (no doubt with my appetite na parang construction worker). Since then, I make […] CONTINUE READING →


How many kinds of Marlboro are there? I know "Smoking kills" so I don't smoke…sometimes (only when I drink which happens once in a blue moon in the Land of Kaugahan where you need to get a liquor license in order to buy an alcoholic drink, unless you are inside a hotel). So one blue […] CONTINUE READING →