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Somewhere Only We Know

I heard this song a long time ago but I don’t know… it didn’t make sense to me at that time. One day I found myself wandering like a nomad in YouTube and I came across with this song again.  Somewhere Only We Know I walked across an empty land I knew the pathway like the back […] CONTINUE READING →

First Quarter Storm

While I was about to write this personal post, the words “First Quarter Storm” just came about as a title. Very appropriate indeed. The First Quarter Storm was a period of leftist unrest in the Philippines, composed of a series of heavy demonstrations, protests, and marches against the government from January to March 1970, or […] CONTINUE READING →


I have been praying the wrong prayer the whole time. If there is one constant piece I say to God, it’s always safety and good health of my family. 5 days after her 70th birthday, my Mama passed away. According to Matthew 21:22 “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith”, unfortunately […] CONTINUE READING →

The Heat Is On In Saigon

Miss Saigon souvenir program I thought I was Lea Salonga. In a recent interview, she said, ” I ’m going to cry when I see Rachelle Ann Go, Jonjon Briones…” and that was exactly my very emotional reaction specially when Gigi & Kim sang “The Movie In My Mind”. I had goose bumps then my heart just suddenly felt […] CONTINUE READING →

Hello from the UK

house of parliament It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog and I know it’s awful. What is awesome however is the reason behind it. I am currently snapping photos of such amazing places here in the United Kingdom for my 40-day holiday. I have been to most of it in 2008 and 2011, but what makes […] CONTINUE READING →

Red October

red october Hello October! What happened? Brace yourselves, I will just be talking non-sense (like I usually do). October means the beginning of the last quarter of the year 2013. Have you gone over your new year’s resolution last January? I bet it’s seemed just like anyone else : intact.haha! Well, I don’t have any, so? I […] CONTINUE READING →


 Flash Report from my UK Correspondent : Willow Smith and Will Smith are in town shopping in New Castle. lol! 😀 Willow Smith, the daughter of actor,producer and rapper Will Smith is making waves in the music scene via the song "Whip My Hair".She’s also the front act of Justin Bieber’s concert in New Castle tonight. […] CONTINUE READING →