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( 9 February 2012 ) Yes, I am 32 and I am officially out of the kalendaryo. Thanks to my family. Thanks to all my friends who remembered me on my birthday and facebook for reminding them. Thanks for your gifts. I am still accepting before Christmas. Thanks (big thanks, gigantic thank you’s) to my […] CONTINUE READING →


The fridge is empty and its time to reload…Just a friendly advice…Do not go to the grocery…When your tummy has no load… Promise, huwag talaga kayong mag-grocery na gutom. Base on experience, nag-over budget ako kasi feeling ko lahat gusto kong kainin (no doubt with my appetite na parang construction worker). Since then, I make […] CONTINUE READING →

NO. 1 B****

After breakfast this morning, we were at the hotel lobby just checking out what’s there. There was a giant poster showcasing the different tourist spots in Oman. I told Rolex to take a look and find out what are the places we still have to visit in the Land of Kaugahan. Since we both love […] CONTINUE READING →

Today I’m wearing…

 What is that on your neck? ( everybody’s asking ) And I answered, " Accessorize!" It’s a scarf, rolled & tied. I was inspired by this image via garancedore but mine looks crumpled and without form.haha! blazer by: Mangotank top by: H&Mscarf by: Pierre Cardin CONTINUE READING →