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How To Fold Your Jeans

When I was in high school, the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 definitely speaks my “how to wear your jeans” style. Typically, I prefer to fold it at the bottom just like Jennie Garth known as Kelly my favorite character in the show then. Fast forward now, I still fold my jeans once in a while so when Rolex saw it […] CONTINUE READING →

The Posh Army Jacket

Military-inspired wardrobe was a big-time trend last year. Why? Fashion reflects reality of the world. The recent extremists’ attack at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France is a concrete testament that terrorism has now gone to a whole new level. They will not just plant a bomb in your building, they will also directly stick a gun to […] CONTINUE READING →

Make A Statement In Neutrals

You don’t hate or love them. Neither high nor low; good nor bad; strong nor weak. Say the word, neutrals. The shade of uncomplicated status. But who says you can get away with it without being noticed? In fact in a world now full of chaos and often than not disoriented color combos, you can make a statement […] CONTINUE READING →

Meet the Joggers

Back to regular programming… I’ve recently purchased a pair of joggers from Topshop during one of my highstreet invasion in the UK with my sister. But first, what are joggers? I tried to google it but I can’t seemed to find its specific definition so let me put it this way. It’s like traditional jogging pants […] CONTINUE READING →

Become a Denim and Leather Darling

I was naive to think that summer can only spell hot, humid and bikinis. I was totally surprised to find out that during my first trip to the UK in 2008, summer also means unpredictable rainfall, sweaters and hoodies. The world is indeed a very interesting place (what’s there in Mars, I wonder). You can’t blame […] CONTINUE READING →

Say Hello to Summer in Camis

Summer is officially in the air. There is no doubt, it’s the season where you have the license to kill that almost barenaked look. How? Apart from the infamous “pekpek” shorts, say hello to summer in camis. S H O P > S H O P > S H O P > S H O […] CONTINUE READING →

Birkenstock Sandals

birkenstock sandals Last week, I told Rolex. It is evident that I haven’t shopped for a very long time. Why? I ran out of shopping paper bags at home 🙁 So I asked myself: When was the last time I physically shopped or bought something on-line, at least on ebay? Hmmm…March. Quite too long ago. Summer is […] CONTINUE READING →

How to Wear Wide Leg Pants

It’s not the first time I saw photos Victoria Beckham in wide leg pants. So when the most recent photo of the Spice Girl turned fashion designer surfaced in skyblue wide leg pants paired with crisp white shirt, I quickly googled : What is the height of  Victoria Beckham? The result : Victoria Beckham stands 5’4″ tall. […] CONTINUE READING →

Standout Statement Suit from Emma Watson

I just have to post this. Emma Watson stands out in a statement suit when she guested for the David Letterman  show to promote her new movie “Noah”. Ladies, this is the perfect way to suit it up: crisp white shirt + tailored black blazer + skinny black pants + slingback pumps + red lips. […] CONTINUE READING →

The Unbuttoned Skirt

In the world of fashion, always imagine the unimaginable. It’s no doubt that the unbuttoned shirt exudes a huge amount of sex appeal, but what about the unbuttoned skirt? Well, just make sure you are wearing some expensive lingerie. Now, let’s find out what your sense of style says about this style inspiration: Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

The Converse Sneakers Effect

converse sneakers The last time I love sneakers was in high school. 20 years later, I think I would love to have a new one aside from a pair of Nike’s which I purchased 5 years ago (hello!). Remember this post about “How To Wear Chuck Taylors”? I haven’t stop thinking about how to wear it for […] CONTINUE READING →

Upsize Please: Oversized Plaid Shirt

oversized plaid shirt Being excessively thin almost all my life, I usually stay away from clothes that are oversized. Why? I know I will look like a scarecrow. I might scare away not just the birds but people you know. Fast forward now, while I am feeling normal with my stagnant weight, Rolex is shedding some excess pounds. […] CONTINUE READING →

Rosie Shows How to Tuck In Shirts

Ditch the Givenchy Antigona Satchel turned into a gym bag or the pair of Nike Wedge Sneakers she loves to wear. This time, Rosie Huntington Whiteley shows us the way on how to tuck in shirts. Read: Object of Desire -Nike Wedge Sneakers We must got it all wrong the first time. The norm of […] CONTINUE READING →

J Crew Camouflage Jacket in the Ivory Lane

I am still coping a cold weather. It’s hard to get up in the morning…if only I can camouflage into the surroundings so nobody would mind if I have not taken a bath and went straight to the office. While lazily starting my morning, I happen to spot Emily Jackson of the Ivory Lane Blog […] CONTINUE READING →

How to Accessorize a V-Neck Little Black Dress

The ‘Little Black Dress’ is a classic staple in nearly every woman’s wardrobe because of its versatility. However, LBD is a pretty broad statement: it’s little, it’s black, and it’s a dress. But if something is going to make you feel truly beautiful there’s got to be a little more ‘oomph’ to it. I recommend […] CONTINUE READING →