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The Haunting

Something is haunting me. Before heading back to the Land of Kaugahan, Rolex & I made a 2-day stop again in Singapore. By the way, that freakin’ keyholder is still out of stock. I checked it out at LV while Rolex is busy capturing the magnificent Singapore Marina Bay with his lens. Apart from the […] CONTINUE READING →

Lost & Not Found

Traveling + Shopping is a major no-no for Rolex. The instantaneous high I feel inspite of the long walks during shopping is an ordeal for him. However, a trip to Singapore would not be complete without going to the Orchard Road, right? So I did! Rolex is just looking forward to the end of it […] CONTINUE READING →


    Boyfriend’s Shirt: Reaction by Kenneth Cole (denim version here) Shorts: H&M (Similar here) Flipflops: Gap Bag: Louis Vuitton It’s NOT finally I set foot on Singapore’s Universal Studio… I meant, finally…I am able to wear shorts. I’ve been shorts deprived for almost 2 years. I did have a chance when we were in […] CONTINUE READING →

At the Border

It is a standard that no photo or video-taking is allowed inside the immigration premises of a country you are leaving or entering. As what the men in tuxedo at the Sistine Chapel would shout ” No Photos…No Cameras” (in Italian accent, of course). I wish I could post a picture to show what exactly […] CONTINUE READING →

Where am I?

I am currently in Singapore. As of this writing, its 3:00 am here. Rolex is snorring like he is still under the spell of a drink called “Double Black Label” while I am trying to get some sleep, nursing a monthly disease called dysmenorrhea. To top it all, my legs are screaming due to non-stop […] CONTINUE READING →

Great Singapore Sale 2012

My countdown is getting faster by the minute. Exactly 30 days from now, I will be in Singapore (my first time)! On top of what I am looking forward to is the famous Great Singapore Sale which is on from May 25 to July 22. I will have to make the most out of our […] CONTINUE READING →