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Unforgettable Wedding Moments

June is about to end and I have totally ignored that it is the wedding month. I just remembered about it because my friends Papa Mike and Rose celebrated their wedding anniversary recently. How can I forget? I caught that lucky bouquet 8 years ago 🙂 Do you still remember your own wedding? Like how […] CONTINUE READING →

Rolex and Halloween

This is a very late post.Bow. I don’t know if its a sign of luck or what but Rolex was born once upon a time on November 1. Enough said, enjoy this photo overload on how we celebrated his birthday. * all photos were taken using my Iphone 5 (I wish) Iphone4s. Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

Masirah Unplanned Part 2

Who doesn’t want long holidays please raise your hand. I know someone, my boss. Sounds weird, no? It is common for expats not to find anything to do in this “Land of Kaugahan”. You just have to be adventurous and you will realize that it is not really that “uga” (dull) after all. Being a […] CONTINUE READING →

Roma + Vaticano Part 2

As promised here’s a showdown of what Rolex is doing when we travel. I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of these monumental tourist spots of Rome & Vatican, ByBernard style. To see more ByBernard Photography, click here. Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

Rome and Vatican City Travel

I already missed travelling…the last time I traveled was 2 months ago (wink). Well the very reason that prompts me to think about going out for a break is the coming EID holidays which means an approximately 5-day-holiday. So I was browsing through our travel photos and realized that I haven’t really made a “decent” […] CONTINUE READING →

I Have A Dream

I had another weird dream, not once but twice on the same night. I woke up panting, I can even hardly breathe. I dreamt of punching, pinching and slapping Rolex over and over again. In my dream (or nightmare) I was extremely furious at him. For real, I wasn’t even mad at him. In fact […] CONTINUE READING →

11 on August 11

 Time flies so fast! Today is officially the kick off of the “BER” months which only means one thing…Christmas is coming. So before I officially move into the 4th quarter of 2012, let me just share to you this video that took me by surprise (teary-eyed) when Rolex showed me the raw file. This is […] CONTINUE READING →

After 3 Years…

18 August 2009 to 18 August 2012 After 3 years, I realized that you can actually say anything you want to say to your husband. It might be the most ugly truth but living in a beautiful lie will not take you to the 4th year, I hope not. I am no good in face-to-face […] CONTINUE READING →


 Yesterday, I was really bitchy and all. I am really bitchy at normal season (I would like to think in a reasonable manner,haha!), but on specific monthly cycle I can be overboard. When I am hungry I can eat you or when I am angry I have killed you 13 times in my mind. The […] CONTINUE READING →


This post is about our trip to Venice. Warning : picture overload and my usual storytelling.  If Paris is my dream destination, Rolex's is Rome.  He wanted to be a priest remember (Visita Iglesia)? So before going to Paris, we went to Rome first and since we were already in Italy, he said that we […] CONTINUE READING →


For quite a while last year, before summer…Rolex & I have been frenzy about Les Miserables (well, he started it all). First, we watched the movie starring Liam Neeson and Uma Thurman, then we would lull ourselves to sleep playing the 10th and 25th anniversary concert where our very own Pinay pride, Lea Salonga played […] CONTINUE READING →

NO. 1 B****

After breakfast this morning, we were at the hotel lobby just checking out what’s there. There was a giant poster showcasing the different tourist spots in Oman. I told Rolex to take a look and find out what are the places we still have to visit in the Land of Kaugahan. Since we both love […] CONTINUE READING →


 In the Land of Kaugahan, New Year is no big deal. No fireworks…nothing. But looking back, 2011 in the Land of Kaugahan was not really that “uga” after all. The year 2011 brought me and Rolex to great places we never thought we would be. 2011 was full of both non-sense and amazing experiences…melancholic and […] CONTINUE READING →


I was a little pissed off with Rolex last night. He brought up a conversation over dinner which I was not liking at that time. Buti na lang tapos na ako kumain so naubos ko ang rice at pinakbet na niluto ko (read: NILUTO KO!). After we freshen up for bed, he was making pa-cute […] CONTINUE READING →