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Summer Time Summer Plans

Rolex asked me if I really want to go the Philippines. Huh? Of course yes! Put aside the lechon but I want to see my friends and family, my mama most especially. But who doesn’t want to go to Europe? I wouldn’t mind living in Paris except that “merci beaucoup” is the only French phrase […] CONTINUE READING →

Uniquely Paris

Out of the blue before parking the car, Rolex asked me why the people in Paris looked like they just came out from the pages of a fashion magazine? I just laughed, perhaps I didn’t know my husband has some hidden interest in fashion. I don’t know the exact answer. It’s part of their culture, […] CONTINUE READING →

Still on Weddings…

I’ve seen this pretty window display in Paris last year. I even forgot the name of the shop as we were just passing by in search for the Longchamp store (check my hillarious story here). Anyways, when I was a little girl I thought that in a wedding, bridesmaids are not allowed to wear long […] CONTINUE READING →


 I wanted to chop my hair. Period. I love taking my time in the bathroom but I hate shampoo-ing my heavy hair…in fact I brush it only twice a day (before and after taking a bath). Its been 7 months since I had my last hair cut and color…and its almost 2 years since I […] CONTINUE READING →


For quite a while last year, before summer…Rolex & I have been frenzy about Les Miserables (well, he started it all). First, we watched the movie starring Liam Neeson and Uma Thurman, then we would lull ourselves to sleep playing the 10th and 25th anniversary concert where our very own Pinay pride, Lea Salonga played […] CONTINUE READING →


The only reason why I wanted to get inside the Louvre Museum is to see Mona Lisa. I booked our tickets online thru 2 weeks before our Paris trip. I paid 22.20 EUR for two persons which is valid until 31 December 2011. We were there on a Sunday…and guess what? ENTRANCE IS FREE. As […] CONTINUE READING →