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Topshop Grey Shirt

Topshop grey shirt Mark Zuckerberg made the grey shirt popular but I was already loving my Topshop Grey Shirt without the Facebook founder in mind. In fact I just realized now that it’s one of my favorite and has become a wardrobe staple. Shown above with distressed jeans, it actually rocks for some outdoor activities. The grey shirt is quite […] CONTINUE READING →

Black Jersey Dress with Sleeves

I swear, a black jersey dress with sleeves is one of the most comfortable piece of clothing in the world. Besides, it’s easy to pack and won’t let you worry about crease when stuck in your luggage. For a girl like me who spent more than a quarter of a century in a tropical country and […] CONTINUE READING →

The Shortest Shorts I’ve Ever Had

Please bear with me. My posts lately have been mainly focused on denim (a staple in my wardrobe) and shorts. I am shorts-deprived. Out of 365 days, I spend at least 325 days this year in my corner of the world where women are clad in black from head to toe. Shorts are major no-no […] CONTINUE READING →

City Shorts

You just don’t know what it takes to pull off a denim on denim outfit. I thought it was a little over the top but as long as you are putting up a casual cool appeal, it isn’t horrible after all. And so I was so proud to show off and this is what Rolex’ has […] CONTINUE READING →

I Should Have Kilt It

I know I should have. I did it before. Haven’t you? You know wearing some sort of chequered skirt that sometimes other people likened it to a table cloth? I mean the kilt. Wikipedia – The kilt is a knee-length garment with pleats at the rear, originating in the traditional dress of men and boys in the Scottish Highlands of the 16th century. […] CONTINUE READING →

OOTD : As in Outfit of the Desert

Cost per wear does matter to me and I can’t count how many times I wore this boyfriend shirt. Until now it’s still one of my favorite piece of wardrobe. Details of OOTD Boyfriend Shirt:  Kenneth Cole (this oxford stripe version is 50% off) Jeans:  Gap Sneakers:  Converse Jack Purcell X Commes des Garcons Eyewear : Rayban […] CONTINUE READING →

The First Time I Wear Abaya

abaya From distressed jeans to abaya is indeed a radical change of outfit but not that you know of. It was another extremely sunny morning. Right after breakfast, Rolex and I took my mama and sister to see one of the magnificent structure in this corner of the world, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. It wasn’t […] CONTINUE READING →

Zara Distressed Jeans

This is a true story. I posted this photo ahead in my Instagram account because the story behind it is really funny. More than 10 years ago, I remember watching Renee Salud being interviewed on TV. For those who doesn’t know him, Renee Salud is a gay fashion designer and “beauty-queen-maker” in the Philippines. If […] CONTINUE READING →

Merger and Consolidation

Merger and Consolidation, one topic I dread so much during college (hello Accountancy!). I think it was under the subject Practical Accounting 2. What the hell happened that my least favorite subject turns out to be what I am doing right now? Ugh! If only acquiring a company can be as easy as shopping, then […] CONTINUE READING →


Rolex said, “you are wearing again the duster-look”. He doesn’t like me wearing maxi dresses, but I love it. So here’s my OOTD aka Outfit of the Day? maxi dress: Promod (lovely resemblance here) sunnies by Aldo bag: United Colors of Benetton (similar here) flipflops by Gap Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

OOTD: My Bday

 Today is my birthday. Im now officially 31 and Im having a children’s party. Thank you God for my life.for my husband.for my family.for my friends…Bow. Here are the details of my outfit of the day: Dress by: Mango Jacket by: Mango Belt by: Zara Leggings by: Mango Sandals by: Kenneth Cole Bag by: Louis […] CONTINUE READING →