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Why Do You Always Wear Black

thekaloka blog “Why do you always wear black?”, my nine-year-old nephew Nile asked. That question made me ponder because honestly I haven’t really thought about it until he asked me. I narrowed down my reasons to just five and let me justify why. It’s very basic. Period. I’m too lazy to think about other colors. It makes […] CONTINUE READING →

Hello Canada

We survived our first 3 months in Canada. Thank you Lord. Thank you for family and friends who helped us get through this. In fact we are not yet through with our settlement. We are still in the process. It takes a while and not as easy as you think it might be. I am fortunate to have known and […] CONTINUE READING →

3 Things I Learned This Weekend

How was your weekend? Mine, as usual was very predictable : Sleep, Eat, Watch, Eat, Sleep. However, inspite of its monotony there are some perks that made it quite interesting. Let me share you the 3 things I learned this weekend. 1) I have mastered that art of remote communication. Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, […] CONTINUE READING →

Are you MED (mad) ?

 My adorable nephew baby Nile can’t wait to go and live in Merika ( America ). The place he believes, where he belongs. In preparation, he tries hard to speak with an American accent. Here’s a conversation he had with his yaya, Ate Lyn2x: Baby Nile: Ate Lyn2x, are you MED ( mad ) ? […] CONTINUE READING →