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What’s your Coldplay Story?

coldplay My Instagram feed is flooded with nothing but #coldplaymanila. The British rock band just had their first ever concert in the Philippines and I can’t wait for September when the band will head to Canada for the “A Head Full of Dreams Tour”. Chris Martin and the rest of the band will be rocking Rogers Place […] CONTINUE READING →

Somewhere Only We Know

I heard this song a long time ago but I don’t know… it didn’t make sense to me at that time. One day I found myself wandering like a nomad in YouTube and I came across with this song again.  Somewhere Only We Know I walked across an empty land I knew the pathway like the back […] CONTINUE READING →

10 Reasons Why We Love Bamboo

I slept very late last night early morning at 2AM today. I spent hours just watching any Bamboo video on youtube. I was supposed to iron clothes but yes, I ended up “youtubing” all that is Bamboo, the post-River Maya and post-Bamboo the-band Bamboo. Having grew up in the 90’s, alternative music has been an […] CONTINUE READING →

I Know Him So Well

“I think he’s gay. Why on earth he would sing I Know Him So Well?”, Rolex asked. We googled it and found out that John Barrowman’s spouse partner is named Scott Gill. Please excuse me if I don’t known him but at least now I know him and as a matter of fact, I know […] CONTINUE READING →

A Night at the Opera (or Orchestra)

I do believe in the saying “Do not make decisions when you are at the peak of your emotion”. Precisely why I decided to write about this after my emotion has totally subsided, around a week after. However, instagram = instant so I posted a single photo (see below) right after the event to which […] CONTINUE READING →

On My Travel Playlist

 Here’s the top 10. Head Over Feet – Alanis Morisette The Incidentals – Alisha’s Attic Breath (2AM) – Anna Nalick Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen Can’t Behave – Courtney Jaye In My Life – Patti Austin Luka – Suzanne Vega Heartless – Kanye West F***in Perfect – Pink Do I Need a Reason […] CONTINUE READING →

Gone Crazy

 While driving on our way home, Rolex just stopped in the middle of the road (going inside our village), faced me and sang this line: ” Nais kong malibot ang mundo sa kanyang kasuluk-sulukan. Nais kong makita ang paligid kong puno ng kagandahan. Nais kong makadama ng kakaibang damdamin kahit minsan man lang. ” If you may allow […] CONTINUE READING →

MDNA = Madonna

When I first heard that Madonna is hitting Abu Dhabi on her world tour, I told Rolex “Hon, lets watch. You will not know she will be dead soon”. Abu Dhabi being the nearest venue from my current state of Land of Kaugahan and Madonna at 53…I mean, all great singers/performers in the 80’s are […] CONTINUE READING →

The Lady that is Gaga

People of the Philippines (I mean religious groups of the Philippines) VS Lady Gaga. They rallied to ban the concert of the pop superstar because they believe that the Lady is not just Gaga but she is an Anti-Christ (read:kampon). photo credit:PDI Inspite of it all, Lady Gaga arrived in the Philippines in this airport […] CONTINUE READING →


 Whether Whitney Houston is dead or still alive….this song makes me cry… I know that when you look at meThere's so much that you just don't seeBut if you would only take the timeI know in my heart you'd findA girl who's scared sometimesWho isn't always strongCan't you see the hurt in me?I feel so […] CONTINUE READING →


Bamboo is so back…back in his element minus the crawling on the floor and parang may sanib performance. In fact he is a new member of the ASAP Kapamilya. When I saw his launch in ASAP two weeks back, may sanib pa rin sya and that’s his trademark. Bamboo is timeless. LT would die seeing […] CONTINUE READING →


For quite a while last year, before summer…Rolex & I have been frenzy about Les Miserables (well, he started it all). First, we watched the movie starring Liam Neeson and Uma Thurman, then we would lull ourselves to sleep playing the 10th and 25th anniversary concert where our very own Pinay pride, Lea Salonga played […] CONTINUE READING →


Friday is my day-off. The entire morning yesterday was spent cleaning the house…to the tune of Eraserheads music. Ang cute pa rin ni Ely Buendia…He's now the face of Bench Fix. My favorite E-heads song is MAGASIN. Nakita kita sa isang magasinDilaw ang iyong suot at, buhok mo'y greenSa isang tindahanSa may BaclaranNapatingin, natulala sa […] CONTINUE READING →


MISS UNIVERSE 3RD RUNNER UP SHAMCEY SUPSUP's BOYFRIEND LLOYD LEE vs ACOUSTIC MAN JUMMY BONDOC. LET ME BE THE ONE Somebody told me you were leavin' I didn't know Somebody told me you're unhappy But it doesn't show Somebody told me that you don't want me no more So you're walkin' out the door Nobody […] CONTINUE READING →


 There is a Le Miserables fever in the house! The other night, I slept at around 1:00 AM because Rolex forced me to watch Les Miserables the movie. Starring Liam Neson, Uma Thurman, Geoffrey Rush and Claire Danes, Les Miserable the movie is an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel. Honestly, I didn’t know that there […] CONTINUE READING →