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Status: In a Relationship with Toothpick

It bothers me. However, after almost 8 years of being married I came to a conclusion that in order to last in a relationship you just have to solve the solvable problems and agree to disagree on the rest (it’s quite a long list). One of which is the intimate relationship of Rolex and the […] CONTINUE READING →

After 6 Years…

wedding at cana 18 August 2009 – 18 August 2015 After 6 years…Rolex and I sealed in three milestones in our conscious coupling. A few days ago I realized that the whole 6 years of our married life was indeed spent in this corner of the world away from our home country. Thank God or else we will […] CONTINUE READING →

Perfect Relationship

perfect relationship Just saw this article shared in Facebook the first thing in the morning today. I thought of sharing because it actually sums up the perfect relationship that I have with my husband of 5 years. Wait, it should be the perfect imperfect relationship. I can not foretell the future so this us  within the span […] CONTINUE READING →

What Marriage Is Made Of

I am one of the worst person to ask about marriage. Yes I am married but people close to me thinks it looks like I am just on a living-in set-up. Anyways, what marriage is, is something too tough to dissect. I can go on telling my own opinion and on the other hand another […] CONTINUE READING →

Are You a June Bride?

No I am not. I got married in the month of August in the year 2009…Whew! that was almost 3 years ago. When is really the perfect time to get married? I am not talking about which month of the year actually. Its not about whether your wedding is in June or December. It’s about […] CONTINUE READING →


   ” NADAWAT NIMO AKONG TEXT? “ ” UNSA IMONG TEXT? “ ” NADAWAT BA NIMO AKONG TEXT? “ ” UNSA GANI IMONG TEXT? “ MAJOR! My question is simply answerable by YES or NO ! Kaloka! Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

After One Year…

18 August 2009 to 18 August 2010… What I learned after one year of being married? Simple…Huwag i-career ang marriage! Actually I already shared this with a very good friend who is about to get married this month. In fact I’m one of the “Ninang” @ 30! So here’s my take of “huwag i-career”… Just […] CONTINUE READING →