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The Shortest Shorts I’ve Ever Had

Please bear with me. My posts lately have been mainly focused on denim (a staple in my wardrobe) and shorts. I am shorts-deprived. Out of 365 days, I spend at least 325 days this year in my corner of the world where women are clad in black from head to toe. Shorts are major no-no […] CONTINUE READING →

Why Kris Aquino Hoards Louis Vuitton Addict Slippers

It’s human nature. Since you can’t have everything, you compensate what you do not have with the other things that you can have. In fact, you are so driven and obsessed you take not only one but three. Why three? because three’s a charm. Recently, the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino went through three milestones […] CONTINUE READING →

Louis Vuitton Luggage Tag

I confess…about 2 years ago I was torn between getting a Louis Vuitton Luggage Tag or a particular Louis Vuitton Keychain. The latter won because in the first place I do not have LV luggage. Second, Rolex thought it was just plain “had-had” (useless). I actually just wanted the luggage tag for my Speedy because I thought it looks […] CONTINUE READING →

The Infamous Louis Vuitton Luggage of Claudine Barretto

Louis Vuitton Luggage of Claudine Barretto The housekeeper was put to jail. The sister bailed out the housekeeper. The husband act as witness. According to him, the housekeeper didn’t steal it. He took the Louis Vuitton luggage because it belongs to him. The wife refuted. It’s hers. It has her initials CB and she showed it for the world to see via Instagram. My question. If it was […] CONTINUE READING →

What a Fendi Fur Monster Keychain Can Buy

Spotted from the runway to the streets, the Fendi Fur Monster Keychain has made its debut in a very regal way via Fendi’s 2013 Fall Collection. Leading the way to instant trends, you’ll witness the bags of the selected “it” crowd adorned in monsters! Imagine that? It’s not the trolls I used to find cute in high […] CONTINUE READING →

Angelina Jolie Looks Casual in Louis Vuitton Metis

This year, I reminded myself to stay away from any monogram bag purchases. Evidently, I got the Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel last January. It has been very useful so far and got the seal of approval from the “no-bag-sense” person named Rolex. From then on, I haven’t purchased any bag (oh end-of-season sale spirit, please […] CONTINUE READING →

Object of Desire: Louis Vuitton Monceau

Speechless. Louis Vuitton is reviving their 1986 classic and I fell in love the same way I first laid my eyes on the original Monogram Canvas. The year of the satchels didn’t end in 2012. With the new year, it is getting bigger (not in size) with this revival of the Louis Vuitton Monceau. It […] CONTINUE READING →

Is Louis Vuitton Neverfull Reversible?

Is Louis Vuitton Neverfull Reversible? I admit, I am clueless about the idea that a Louis Vuitton Neverfull is actually reversible. I am not sure if it was officially fabricated to be such kind of a bag but seeing the reversed Neverfull before, I just thought that it was just another style of the iconic LV […] CONTINUE READING →

Lost & Not Found

Traveling + Shopping is a major no-no for Rolex. The instantaneous high I feel inspite of the long walks during shopping is an ordeal for him. However, a trip to Singapore would not be complete without going to the Orchard Road, right? So I did! Rolex is just looking forward to the end of it […] CONTINUE READING →


    Boyfriend’s Shirt: Reaction by Kenneth Cole (denim version here) Shorts: H&M (Similar here) Flipflops: Gap Bag: Louis Vuitton It’s NOT finally I set foot on Singapore’s Universal Studio… I meant, finally…I am able to wear shorts. I’ve been shorts deprived for almost 2 years. I did have a chance when we were in […] CONTINUE READING →

Where am I?

I am currently in Singapore. As of this writing, its 3:00 am here. Rolex is snorring like he is still under the spell of a drink called “Double Black Label” while I am trying to get some sleep, nursing a monthly disease called dysmenorrhea. To top it all, my legs are screaming due to non-stop […] CONTINUE READING →