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Dubai, Disneyland and Shopping with Men

A leap year only happens every four years, right? So why not do something memorable on 29 February 2012? Rolex and I made a sudden and quick trip to Dubai. Our 3rd trip to Dubai since we moved to the land of desert and honey oil. He’s very reluctant to bring Sultana and Azal so we […] CONTINUE READING →


Sur Coastal Road Turtle Beach Wadi Shab Bridge Wadi Shab Dramatic view of Wadi Shab taken at around past 6pm Lost in the Wadi Tiwi Beach Overlooking view somewhere in Sur where the view on the other side is a wide desert with camels and donkeys. White Beach Still at White Beach…this is a stolen […] CONTINUE READING →


This post is about our trip to Venice. Warning : picture overload and my usual storytelling.  If Paris is my dream destination, Rolex's is Rome.  He wanted to be a priest remember (Visita Iglesia)? So before going to Paris, we went to Rome first and since we were already in Italy, he said that we […] CONTINUE READING →


For quite a while last year, before summer…Rolex & I have been frenzy about Les Miserables (well, he started it all). First, we watched the movie starring Liam Neeson and Uma Thurman, then we would lull ourselves to sleep playing the 10th and 25th anniversary concert where our very own Pinay pride, Lea Salonga played […] CONTINUE READING →


 Pinoys can visit at least 20 countries without visas – DFA January 18, 2012 10:00am Filipino travelers do not need a visa to visit at least 20 countries, according to information provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs. These countries include most of the Philippines' Southeast Asian neighbors, but also Latin American tourist destinations Brazil, […] CONTINUE READING →

NO. 1 B****

After breakfast this morning, we were at the hotel lobby just checking out what’s there. There was a giant poster showcasing the different tourist spots in Oman. I told Rolex to take a look and find out what are the places we still have to visit in the Land of Kaugahan. Since we both love […] CONTINUE READING →