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Why I Want To Go To Budapest

After 48 years, I finally find a minute to blog. In continuation with my story about Buda + Pest = Budapest, let me tell you the very reason why I want to go to Budapest, Hungary. Once upon a time, Rolex and I were hooked to this Korean Drama series “IRIS”. Right away, Episode 1 […] CONTINUE READING →

Buda + Pest = Budapest

Five years ago, I came to this corner of the world. When I found out that there are places here called Izki and Ibri I said to myself that if ever I am going to have twins, they will be named that way. Five years later, I am still in this corner of the world. […] CONTINUE READING →

Always Travel With the One You Love

Ernest Hemingway once said, “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love”. Why? You will find out why and like me, I’m sure most of you already knows the answer. So, always travel with the one you love… who competes for the window seat like you who saves a lot of pocket money (who buys […] CONTINUE READING →

Holding Hands with a Barcelona Pickpocket

Well, not that intimate. Let me correct it, I held fingers with a Barcelona pickpocket. While Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain, Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia and the country’s 2nd largest city (ok dear friend Wiki, this got me confused so I will leave it like that). What didn’t get […] CONTINUE READING →

Drop Pants Not Bombs

Finally back here in England for a few more days. I totally need a break from my holiday and keep psyching up myself that: “Yes, I am so ecstatic to be back to work in a week’s time”. This means also one thing, I will be back in my corner of the world where the […] CONTINUE READING →

Rome and Vatican City Travel

I already missed travelling…the last time I traveled was 2 months ago (wink). Well the very reason that prompts me to think about going out for a break is the coming EID holidays which means an approximately 5-day-holiday. So I was browsing through our travel photos and realized that I haven’t really made a “decent” […] CONTINUE READING →

Germany Photo Diary

If you have allergies in your fingers from overdosing with chicken, you dread the day to go to any foreign embassy and have your biometrics taken. That’s my case. I don’t know how but it just disappeared as of this writing. However, at the time we planned our Europe trip in 2011, I was itching then… (gross). […] CONTINUE READING →