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What to Wear : Piece of Crop Top

what to wear   A Piece of Crop On the first edition of What to Wear #WTW, let’s focus the spotlight on the crop top aka known as midriff in my generation. Imagine your favorite shirt. Cut it from the bottom enough to show some skin, i.e. waist, belly button or simply your tummy and et viola you now have […] CONTINUE READING →

Cara Delevingne Wears Kiini Ro Bikini to Rio

Kiini Ro Bikini It’s Autumn in New York and most of the Northern Hemisphere. While other places are lucky to enjoy this season with between 15°C – 20°C weather, I am currently still in the adjustment period. Apart from the sight of falling leaves, I am already freezing because autumn or fall here in my new corner of the […] CONTINUE READING →

Wednesday Wish List: The Ultimate Activewear

activewear Fact: I am turning 40 in a couple of years. When I was 25 I told myself that I will live on vegetables and fruits alone when I turn 30. It didn’t happen. Why? Of course, I’m happier with eat-all-you-can 🙂 Seriously, it isn’t easy as 1-2-3. I can’t resist all the filet mignon, lechon […] CONTINUE READING →

My First Winter Coat

Prelude: I was spring cleaning this morning…at the back end of this blog. I have to delete files, images and plugins that are of no longer useful in order to save more space. While doing so, I noticed that I have an article written on October 2, 2014 that remained in the drafts section. It […] CONTINUE READING →

How To Fold Your Jeans

When I was in high school, the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 definitely speaks my “how to wear your jeans” style. Typically, I prefer to fold it at the bottom just like Jennie Garth known as Kelly my favorite character in the show then. Fast forward now, I still fold my jeans once in a while so when Rolex saw it […] CONTINUE READING →

Reminds Me Of My Husband’s Lab Coats

Twins, triplets or quadruplets, certainly there is no person the same 100% as the other. This explains why, individuals also have different fashion sense or style. While doing my regular task of browsing street style photos, I came across this one which totally reminds me of Rolex’ lab coats. What the f*** she looks good on […] CONTINUE READING →

The Posh Army Jacket

Military-inspired wardrobe was a big-time trend last year. Why? Fashion reflects reality of the world. The recent extremists’ attack at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France is a concrete testament that terrorism has now gone to a whole new level. They will not just plant a bomb in your building, they will also directly stick a gun to […] CONTINUE READING →

The Perfect Metallic Sweater for the Cold Weather

What are you wearing on Thanksgiving? If you haven’t figured it out yet, let me help you find the perfect metallic sweater for the cold weather : Vince Metallic Textured V-Neck Sweater. Get Cozy + Edgy In One Stay inside in your warm zone but take center stage by looking super chic and already-accented. This sweater is […] CONTINUE READING →

Say Hello to Summer in Camis

Summer is officially in the air. There is no doubt, it’s the season where you have the license to kill that almost barenaked look. How? Apart from the infamous “pekpek” shorts, say hello to summer in camis. S H O P > S H O P > S H O P > S H O […] CONTINUE READING →

Zara Distressed Jeans

This is a true story. I posted this photo ahead in my Instagram account because the story behind it is really funny. More than 10 years ago, I remember watching Renee Salud being interviewed on TV. For those who doesn’t know him, Renee Salud is a gay fashion designer and “beauty-queen-maker” in the Philippines. If […] CONTINUE READING →

How to Wear Wide Leg Pants

It’s not the first time I saw photos Victoria Beckham in wide leg pants. So when the most recent photo of the Spice Girl turned fashion designer surfaced in skyblue wide leg pants paired with crisp white shirt, I quickly googled : What is the height of  Victoria Beckham? The result : Victoria Beckham stands 5’4″ tall. […] CONTINUE READING →

Upsize Please: Oversized Plaid Shirt

oversized plaid shirt Being excessively thin almost all my life, I usually stay away from clothes that are oversized. Why? I know I will look like a scarecrow. I might scare away not just the birds but people you know. Fast forward now, while I am feeling normal with my stagnant weight, Rolex is shedding some excess pounds. […] CONTINUE READING →

J Crew Camouflage Jacket in the Ivory Lane

I am still coping a cold weather. It’s hard to get up in the morning…if only I can camouflage into the surroundings so nobody would mind if I have not taken a bath and went straight to the office. While lazily starting my morning, I happen to spot Emily Jackson of the Ivory Lane Blog […] CONTINUE READING →