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Grand Palace in Bangkok

As promised here are a few of the photos that ByBernard took during our 5-hour visit to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. Click here to view ByBernard Photography’s Facebook Page. Don’t forget to hit the “like” button Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

The Great Musandam Peninsula Part 2

khornajd_zpsb66a9f0a I must still be having an extended seasick that I totally forgot to post the second part of our adventure to the great Musandam Peninsula in the Sultanate of Oman. According to my dear friend wiki (wink), geographically, the Musandam peninsula juts into the Strait of Hormuz the narrow entry into the Persian Gulf, from the Arabian Peninsula. The […] CONTINUE READING →

Masirah Unplanned Part 2

how to go to Masirah Island Oman Who doesn’t want long holidays please raise your hand. I know someone, my boss. Sounds weird, no? It is common for expats not to find anything to do in this “Land of Kaugahan”. You just have to be adventurous and you will realize that it is not really that “uga” (dull) after all. Being a […] CONTINUE READING →

Masirah Unplanned

masirah island oman Masirah is an island off the East coast of Oman. Population estimated is at 12,000 in 12 villages mainly in the north of the island. The principal village is Dawwah in the northern part of the island. It contains an Omani air base and a fish factory, as well as a few small towns. Previously, BBC had a relay facility […] CONTINUE READING →

Roma + Vaticano Part 2

Rome and Vaticam As promised here’s a showdown of what Rolex is doing when we travel. I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of these monumental tourist spots of Rome & Vatican, ByBernard style. To see more ByBernard Photography, click here. Cheers! CONTINUE READING →