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Angelina Jolie Looks Casual in Louis Vuitton Metis

This year, I reminded myself to stay away from any monogram bag purchases. Evidently, I got the Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel last January. It has been very useful so far and got the seal of approval from the “no-bag-sense” person named Rolex. From then on, I haven’t purchased any bag (oh end-of-season sale spirit, please […] CONTINUE READING →

How to Wear Palazzo Pants

how to wear palazzo pants In my previous post, you were oriented to palazzo pants. If I may describe it, it’s one breezy, comfy and loungy piece of clothing. It is both a skirt which gives you the lady-like appeal and a pants at the same time which also caters the need of a woman to move freely. I believe […] CONTINUE READING →

Angelina’s Palazzo Pants

palazzo pants Oh how I love Angelina’s Palazzo Pants. Women suffer for the sake of fashion, from starvation (to fit into a size zero) to bankruptcy (to score the latest trend). Did I also mention that on top of this actually,we somehow forgot how to dress for comfort. It is common to see outfits where breaths are […] CONTINUE READING →

What Marriage Is Made Of

I am one of the worst person to ask about marriage. Yes I am married but people close to me thinks it looks like I am just on a living-in set-up (maybe because we don’t have kids yet). Anyways, what marriage is, is something too tough to dissect. I can go on telling my own […] CONTINUE READING →

Medical Choice of a Lifetime

This woman never ceases to amaze me. From wearing a blood vial of an ex-husband around her neck, adopting 3 kids of different nationalities and having twins of her own, being UN Ambassador to marrying Brad Pitt (soon). Angelina Jolie really never ceases to amaze me. It might just be so damn easy being Lara […] CONTINUE READING →

Maxi Dresses: The Chic Mom’s Uniform

Once upon a time, I was crazy about maxi dresses. I want to have them in different prints, color, etc. One day, I saw a flower printed piece at H&M in New Castle for only £ 10. I rushed to Rolex and ask, “Hon, look its so pretty and its on sale”. He replied, “Ngano ganahan man […] CONTINUE READING →


Engaged and happy, Angelina Jolie in showed off her slim frame in a sleeveless bodycon dress, nude pumps and the coveted YSL Cabas Reiss Jeanie Dress YSL Cabas Bag (so hard to find, always sold out)Christina Louboutin Open-toe Pumps (less $$$ found here) Now I dont know how to get the look of this gigantic […] CONTINUE READING →