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What to Wear : Piece of Crop Top

what to wear   A Piece of Crop On the first edition of What to Wear #WTW, let’s focus the spotlight on the crop top aka known as midriff in my generation. Imagine your favorite shirt. Cut it from the bottom enough to show some skin, i.e. waist, belly button or simply your tummy and et viola you now have […] CONTINUE READING →

Chloe Darcey Pearl Jewelry

My Very First Pearl Jewelry I was around 19 when my mama gave me my first pair of pearl earrings. It has very small diamonds that surround the pearl. I wore it to my college yearbook pictorial. At that age any sort of pearl jewelry is not really my trip. Anyhow, I kept that gift from my […] CONTINUE READING →

What a Fendi Fur Monster Keychain Can Buy

Spotted from the runway to the streets, the Fendi Fur Monster Keychain has made its debut in a very regal way via Fendi’s 2013 Fall Collection. Leading the way to instant trends, you’ll witness the bags of the selected “it” crowd adorned in monsters! Imagine that? It’s not the trolls I used to find cute in high […] CONTINUE READING →

Rings and Tings

Our lovely friends at Rings and Tings recently showered us with these gorgeous necklaces from their on-line store. I decided to put them together with some of my favorite pieces from my own wardrobe and et viola! H&M Animal Print Mini Skirt + Rings and Tings Pearl with Crystal Necklace Reiss X Garance Dore White […] CONTINUE READING →

Lanvin Happy Necklace

Have you ever been so happy you want to scream just to tell the world how happy you are? Shhh…don’t stress your vocal chords ’cause Lanvin has certainly found a way for you to express it via the Lanvin Happy Necklace. It’s in the spin nowadays to be brave enough and tag around as an […] CONTINUE READING →

Liz Uy in Lanvin Love Necklace

Lanvin Love Necklace During her most recent trip to Dubai with the fab fam, celebrity stylist Liz Uy can’t help but wear “love” out via the Lanvin Love Necklace. Made of gold-tone brass, this piece is a strong testament  that love is from the heart and never from the mind, or else you’ll wear a “love hat”. Love […] CONTINUE READING →

My Relationship with a Watermelon

Thursdays have become the day before weekend in this Land of Kaughan. By this, I mean Friday and Saturday have turned into the new Saturday and Sunday respectively. Still confused? Well, just leave it. Ok, yesterday Thursday was hectic as far as I am concerned. I only spent half-day at work but ended up having […] CONTINUE READING →

My Favorite Things Season 3

I do not wear any accessories at home, but of all the accessories in the world, I feel naked without a pair of earrings. I do not know exactly why but more than feeling naked, I feel incomplete. This pair is my favorite go-to piece for any physical or a little rugged activity. Going for […] CONTINUE READING →


It's long overdue but I finally got myself a new phone. My over-analyzing husband said that at least, I have to wait for this electronic/digital trade expo before buying one. Well, who doesn't want a discount? And besides my old phone is still perfectly alive and kicking except that, change is the only thing permanent […] CONTINUE READING →


1. Tangelo Bib ($36) 2. Turquoise Cluster Bib ($44) 3. Gold Geo Bib ($28) 4. Lucite Cascade Jumble ($185) 5. Teal Elliptic Bib ($24) 6. Crystal Pinwheel Bib ($32) Cheers! PS.Baublebar is offering $10 off on your first order so shop now! CONTINUE READING →

Object of Desire: FILET-O-FISH DROPS

 First there was the Giuseppe Zanotti Fishbone Sandals…which are uniquely and intricately Then, another school of fashionable fish was born. The Filet-O-Fish Drop Earrings from BaubleBar. These striking statement earrings marry all the charm of the fish motif with a more primitive vibe in the bony theme. But covered in sparkling white crystals, they're […] CONTINUE READING →