The Rise of the Selfie

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Selfie is now officially a word. As defined in the online Oxford Dictionary, it is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

I guessed that selfie came along with the birth of instagram but I was totally wrong. It emerged even before mobile phones came into the world. Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna could have been one of the first teenagers taking a selfie using a box camera in 1914. Accordingly, the first ever selfie recorded was by photographer Robert Cornelius which was taken in the 1800’s.

Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna

Photographer Robert Cornelius

What makes selfie such a phenomenon that even Pope Francis has subjected himself to a group selfie?


Pope Francis with youths inside St. Peter’s Basilica

First, its very accessible. You do not need a tripod (just ensure you don’t suffer from tremors) just to take a likely decent self-portrait. You also don’t need another person just to take your photo. In addition, you can do it anytime, anywhere. Rihanna is among the celebrities who takes selfies on a regular basis no matter what the circumstance is.

Rihanna’s butt selfie

Last but not the least, our love for selfie just re-affirms our vanity and narcissism. In short, we love ourselves so much.Period. According to Suzi Watson from HTC, “2013 has definitely been the year of the selfie. Consumer interest and technology has created a perfect storm for this to continue.”

There is no doubt why selfie has found itself now in the English dictionary. In fact it has become a part of our lives. For some people, its inevitable in their daily lives.

PS. I confess that I also take selfies but not that much (guilty). Here’ my most recent #selfie 🙂


How about you?



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