Rome and Vatican City Travel

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I already missed travelling…the last time I traveled was 2 months ago (wink). Well the very reason that prompts me to think about going out for a break is the coming EID holidays which means an approximately 5-day-holiday. So I was browsing through our travel photos and realized that I haven’t really made a “decent” post about our Rome and Vatican trip last year. Yeah, its so last year but I would rather blog it right now (this blog has actually turned into a diary too) before I forget since I can’t really totally rely on my own time to make the scrapbook (booo).

Rolex just wanted to go to Vatican only. We arrived Rome in the afternoon and left in the evening of the following day (imagine?). So we booked a bed & breakfast just a stone throw away from the Vatican.

breakfast in rome

Breakfast with a view of St. Peter’s Basilica

I would consider this leg of our European trip as a hush-hush as we were into a lot of misadventures. First, from the Fiumicino airport we took a bus that will bring us to Termini railway station in Rome. I was literally shocked as I didn’t expect Termini to look like I was transported to the regular Manila train station except that people are Italian. In fact for the 3 years that I stayed in Manila (Makati to be exact), I can only count by my fingers the times that I took the MRT. To make it worst, there were plenty of renovations of the subway that we have to go deep down (tunnel etoh!) to get to our first train ride in Rome. To make it even worst, it was already around 5 or 6pm and everybody was just on their way out  from work so the train was a major  blockbuster (we have to stand until we get to our destination).

When we arrived at our destination, I can see the Vatican walls so I am quite sure we are on the right place. We settled in our hotel room and freshen up. I just really wanted to sleep and call it a day. It was a tiring train ride plus we just came from Germany. But a big NO is right there in front of me. We will be leaving the following day so alright, let’s make the best out of here. Now, which bus to ride is the question of the night. We asked but the driver of the bus said “no speak English” my dear. Luckily, there was a Filipino family on vacation too and with them is their relative, a nun who has lived in Rome for a while so she gave us directions (in fact we were on the same bus together). They warned us about possible theft as pick-pockets are rampant in Rome (can’t help but think about the mafia connection). Seriously, the benefit of travelling with a companion is that you always look after each other. So in Rome, Rolex and I looked after each other’s valuables. Its not really that scary but a member of that Filipino family lost a huge amount of euros while in queue to get inside St. Peter’s Basilica.


Devouring an authentic Italian pizza

In Europe, I always like to eat outside the cafes (feel na feel ang ambiance). Can you see Rolex’ tripod? I hate that it eats up space in our luggage which means I have to unpack some outfits, haha!


The night life in Rome is very alive.

If there is one reason why I would still like to go back to Rome is the night life. We really never get to party though we spent a few minutes in this side where there are alot of bars lining beside the the long river.


Rolex and I love this. We want to join the movie goers.


Streetfood! I think I am eating mais (grilled corn cob)


The exhausted tourists at the Spanish Steps.

So tired we never really have the energy to climb up the Spanish Steps (Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti). I heard, it is the widest staircase in Europe.

The following day was a hectic day! First stop is of course is the Vatican. We also went there before retiring in our hotel room the night we arrived and we were stupid enough to ride a taxi from where we had dinner and realized that is was just a walking distance. Fine! my legs are screaming, right?

We were early at St. Peter’s. So happy to avoid the long queue, yay!

Rome and Vatican City Travel

St. Peter’s Basilica


The Swiss Guard in Vatican


Men in Suits at the Entrance

See these men in suits? Now, move back to my photo outside St. Peter’s Basilica. They wont allow me to enter because I am wearing a mini, above the knee. What? How come I didn’t know? Well, another uninformed tourist on the loose, haha! So always find out the dress code. Rolex had to rush to the nearby shop to buy me a scarf that will cover my freakin’ legs. Just imagine because I wont post a photo here. I look ridiculous.

photo credit:zimbio

No I didn’t saw Jennifer Aniston during our Vatican trip but how come she was allowed to enter St. Peter’s Basilica in those sleeveless mini dress? That’s not fair (just saying). I know I am NO-Jennifer Aniston.

Inside St. Peter’s Basilica

From St. Peter’s Basilica we moved to the Vatican Museum and then to Sistine Chapel (where another set of men in suits keep shouting “no photos! no camera!”)


You will see alot of these inside the Vatican Museum

The ceiling of  Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is towards the end of the museum tour. I can’t help but wonder, has Michael Angelo gone crazy to paint all of these? I kept clicking my small camera secretly while the men in suits are shouting and re-shouting “no photos! no cameras!”.

Rome and Vatican City Travel

Lunch break after the food is over with Castel Sant’Angelo on the background

Yes, we ate our lunch here. We just had panini (sandwich) and obviously the can of Coke is mine while the bottle of water belongs to Rolex.


The Colosseum

How come its not me on this picture? There is one misadventure behind this famous ancient structure in Rome. While still in the airplane, the Colosseum is already visible (mode: excited). So that same day we arrived Rome, our first tour stop is really the Colosseum. It was already evening and as expected it was already closed. We thought that was already the end of it so Rolex tried his best to get a nice night shot of the structure in case we can’t come back anymore. The next day, there was still a  little time left before we leave for Venice and et viola we discovered that we were actually at the back of the Colosseum the previous night and the magnificent view is actually the front view.haha!

Here are some more snapshots from our Rome + Vatican trip.

Rome and Vatican City Travel

In memory of the mini Zara dress that won’t fit me anymore right now. Now find the scarf!


The freelaoder. Rolex loves the fact that drinking water is free in Rome. I bet the dog loves it too, but I refuse to drink it (read: maarte lang).


Follow the leader. I will forever be a girl scout.


Italian adventure will not be complete without having a scoop of gelato (ice cream).


The Vatican wall. Still trying to figure out how Tom Cruise managed to climb op the walls in Mission Impossible (precisely impossible).


Im so happy Rolex, the photographer found his moment to pose in front of the camera.haha!

Rome and Vatican City Travel

My favorite photo of myself (read: vain).

It was one hell of misadventures that Rolex and I enjoyed (well, I didn’t enjoyed the part when we have to walk and it was very humid). Please understand, I had enough sun here in the “Land of Kaugahan”. But I didn’t have enough of Rome so I wouldn’t mind coming back. At least now I know the dress code!

PS. Yes I am bringing a jacket because it wont fit in the luggage.

PPS. The decent pictures ByBernard style will follow. So stay tuned.


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