Reward and Revenge

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I slept late and woke up early with a big grin on my face this morning. I got a message from a close friend about the Victoria Secret underwear I gave her when I came back from a working trip in Houston last 2005. 7 years ago, quite a long time ago but the story she shared behind the Victoria Secret undies is very rewarding even up to this very day. Though its just the icing on the cake but it was a funny anecdote you can remember for a lifetime. Believe me, its way too funny I can’t share it here.haha!

The Hamptons, Rich & Famous…I love series about the rich and beautiful people even if they are ugly inside. That lady in purple lacy dress is Victoria. Watch out for Victoria’s Secret as it slowly unfolds in “Revenge”.


Just last night, Rolex introduced me to “Revenge”, an American drama series about…what else? Revenge. After the gross (oh bloody gross) Walking Dead, I asked Rolex how he discovered this new series? Google! Something just came to his insane-mind-at-the-moment and googled the word revenge. Try it and the first item is the wikipedia of the TV series itself.haha!

…and in BETWEEN

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 or 12-12-12 is the last day of Shopbop‘s EXTRA15OFF promo. So what are you waiting for?

PS. – I was once revengeful. Click here to know how.


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