The Quest for Kimye

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Kimye on the cover of US Vogue April Issue

Last weekend, Rolex and I were in a quest for pork, yes pork. So we went to the only grocery store I know which is authorized to sell here in my corner of the world. We got our pork which by the way costs an arm and leg here, but we give in at times to my occasional cravings. I haven’t turned vegetarian yet as of this writing.

After I checked out at the cashier, the magazine stand which was just in front of me suddenly reminded me of my “what to buy list”, pork done and I just remembered I have to buy the very controversial US Vogue cover of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the conscious coupling known as #kimye (hashtag it baby).

Rolex: How much is that?
Me: Almost 5 Rials ($12)
Rolex: For a magazine?
Me: I have to buy this so I’ll have it signed by #kimye and sell on Pawnstars or Ebay after 20 years. Who knows I’ll be richer because of that.

I rushed my way back to the cashier, took my precious 5 Rials from my wallet and pause… wait a minute. Did Alber Elbaz (Lanvin) designed Kim’s gown with some black detailing?


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Lo and behold, Kim’s insurance-worthy pair of boobs cleavage were just erased from the surface of the earth. It’s not the first time I saw this here in my corner of the world. You will just be surprised why most celebrities or models in a magazine are wearing leggings or undershirts (photoshopped for the sake of conservatism, definitely Miley Cyrus will die here)

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I ended up not buying the magazine and left the grocery. Good thing I found a few copies at Borders with Kim’s boobs free from any encumbrances.


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