Once You Pap, You Just Can’t Stop

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pap smear

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This is girls talk. Men can eavesdrop… well men better know what is a Pap Smear.

I just had my period and it only means one thing… I am getting nearer to the day that I will have my first ever pap smear.

For whatever reasons, I don’t know why none of the doctors who did my physical examination told me that I should undergo this test. Thank you because I really don’t want to but not until I had a meet and greet with the family doctor here.

At 36? I should have done it at 21, every 3 years or every 5 years for ages 30-65 . Why? According to www.healthline.com, a Pap smear (also called a Pap test) is a screening procedure for cervical cancer. It tests for the presence of precancerous or cancerous cells on the cervix, the opening of the uterus. It’s named after the doctor who determined that this was a useful way to detect signs of cervical cancer, Georgios Papanikolaou. During the procedure, cells from your cervix are gently scraped away and then examined for abnormal growth.

I told one of my sisters about it and she gave me a mouthful of lectures basically boiling down to monogamy and faithfulness to one partner (insert husbands, boyfriend/girlfriend or fu****g buddy). She said that its best to have both partners undergo a screening test to ensure a safe, healthy and enjoyable sex life. Don’t just jump in the bed with someone you barely know…their history. Wear protection.

pap smear

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The thought of having a pap smear now branches to a whole new world of concerns. The worst is the result but I don’t even want to deal about it right now because I just can’t imagine yet the idea of inserting something and scraping something inside of me.

I will just stick to what I read that it is a simple, quick, and relatively painless screening test. What about you? Have you done it? Tell me what it feels like.


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