Bye Sultana

We often have emotional attachment on material things. This is what we call sentimental value. There are a lot of things we don’t use that takes up a lot of space yet we hold on to it because it meant something or it was given by someone. Read: Marriage and the Louis Vuitton Speedy Sometimes […] CONTINUE READING →

International Homes: Boat House Hong Kong

boat house hong kong I think I am going back to my first passion as a child and that is interior design and architecture. In simple terms, as a kid I would simply spend my day drawing houses and flipping the same pages in the encyclopedia which shows pictures of beautiful homes (we don’t have computers and internet then, what […] CONTINUE READING →

How To Fold Your Jeans

When I was in high school, the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 definitely speaks my “how to wear your jeans” style. Typically, I prefer to fold it at the bottom just like Jennie Garth known as Kelly my favorite character in the show then. Fast forward now, I still fold my jeans once in a while so when Rolex saw it […] CONTINUE READING →

Reminds Me Of My Husband’s Lab Coats

Twins, triplets or quadruplets, certainly there is no person the same 100% as the other. This explains why, individuals also have different fashion sense or style. While doing my regular task of browsing street style photos, I came across this one which totally reminds me of Rolex’ lab coats. What the f*** she looks good on […] CONTINUE READING →