Vintage Georgian Amethyst Necklace

For the past week, I always lull myself at night looking for a vintage Georgian Amethyst Necklace online. Why? My birthstone is amethyst. I love vintage jewelries (even if Rolex scares me that the previous owner died a tragic death). Anna Wintour rocks the bejeweled necklaces in a very classic way. But I don’t know Georgian. […] CONTINUE READING →

My Tory Burch Reva

A funny story about my Tory Burch Reva. If you have followed this blog for quite some time, you will know that Rolex is my no. 1 nemesis in fashion. Remember the time he called me the no. 1 b****? Here’s another regular conversation we have and you will know why. Me : Hon, you […] CONTINUE READING →

Weekend Wish List – October 4

This first weekend of October, I am starting a new segment in called Weekend Wish List. Everyone looks forward for the weekend. It spells a pile of positive thoughts : movies, dining out, escapade, staycation, series marathon, pig-out, spa, family bonding…did I just missed out one thing? Of course, shopping! How can you stop […] CONTINUE READING →

Liz Uy in Lanvin Love Necklace

Lanvin Love Necklace During her most recent trip to Dubai with the fab fam, celebrity stylist Liz Uy can’t help but wear “love” out via the Lanvin Love Necklace. Made of gold-tone brass, this piece is a strong testament  that love is from the heart and never from the mind, or else you’ll wear a “love hat”. Love […] CONTINUE READING →