#walangforever : Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner just proved #walangforever (there’s no forever). It is indeed a milestone to last 10 years of marriage but just a day after their anniversary, the A-list couple announced in a joint statement that they are heading to Splitsville. After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision […] CONTINUE READING →

Interview with Greek and Chic Vanessa

24/7 Mom & Wife | Civil Engineer | Interior Designer | Proud Greek When I think of Greece, I think of Santorini. Can you describe your county and your hometown in particular? What is it like to live in Greece? Greece is an amazing place for summer holidays. Greek islands don’t need any introduction, as they […] CONTINUE READING →

Don’t Miss the Colors and Flavors of the Season

#InstaShoppable We scout Instagram this week for the top 3 items you don’t want to miss this season. Whether you are simply lounging at the beach, working your way around in the office or just chewing your favorite gum, there must always some colors and flavors to inspire you. BRAND | Smith and Cult PRODUCT NAME | […] CONTINUE READING →

Who Really Broke the Internet?

It started when he was just a little boy. At 65, Bruce Jenner finally decided that he will cease to be a man and become a woman. The first public announcement was made via an interview with Diane Sawyer. Then, just last week the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians where he is a part, […] CONTINUE READING →

If the Shoe Fits Buy It

3.1 phillip lim marquise sandals I am having an anxiety attack. What will you do if the pair of shoes you had a crush on is suddenly on sale and most importantly in your size? Tell me!!! What will you do? Memorial day celebration has gone memorial yet there are still a inevitable traces of the memorial sale that I […] CONTINUE READING →