New Arrivals: Your Favorite Madewell Transport Tote and More

madewell transport tote New arrivals at the BOUTIQUE this week : VIRZI+DE LUCA Gold-Plated Lobster Earrings $230 – Handcrafted from gold-plated brass, these playful earrings are designed in the shape of a lobster and a crab. TRUFFLE No 1 Clarity Pouch $38 – Wipeable, luxuriously soft Phthalate-free PVC. MADEWELL Transport Tote $168 - A chic, pebbled leather tote with […] CONTINUE READING →

Solange and her Weapon : Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet Clutch

Publicity, whether good or bad is still publicity. So when a video from The Standard Hotel’s elevator was leaked, all eyes were set to Beyonce’s sister, Jay-z’s sister-in-law, what’s her name again? Solange Knowles. She was throwing punches into the air and kicking her sharp heels at the rapper, record producer and business mogul Jay-z. The […] CONTINUE READING →

The Infamous Louis Vuitton Luggage of Claudine Barretto

Louis Vuitton Luggage of Claudine Barretto The housekeeper was put to jail. The sister bailed out the housekeeper. The husband act as witness. According to him, the housekeeper didn’t steal it. He took the Louis Vuitton luggage because it belongs to him. The wife refuted. It’s hers. It has her initials CB and she showed it for the world to see via Instagram. My question. If it was […] CONTINUE READING →

Jason Wu Ankle Strap Sandal

Excuse me Antonia, you may have to step down. Looks like there is a new pair of sandal that will reign over the ankle-strap realm. Ladies and Gentlemen too, please welcome Jason Wu Ankle Strap Sandal. Constructed with the edgy minimalist woman in mind, this leather pair comes with goldtone hardware, 3.5 inches heels and long ties that wrap […] CONTINUE READING →

The Quest for Kimye

Last weekend, Rolex and I were in a quest for pork, yes pork. So we went to the only grocery store I know which is authorized to sell here in my corner of the world. We got our pork which by the way costs an arm and leg here, but we give in at times […] CONTINUE READING →

Miley Arrives at O2 with a Valentino Camouflage Bag

VALENTINO Camouflage Bag No traces of Hannah Montana in the flesh. Miley Cyrus resumes her Bangerz tours at the O2 Arena in London fully free from allergies that plagued her resulting to the cancellation of several shows. She doesn’t give a shit as usual. She even took the dollar outfit previously seen here into another level. Totally parental-advice-explicit-content […] CONTINUE READING →