Make Your Homecoming Memorable With The Perfect Outfit

On your homecoming day, people wait with anticipation for your arrival. Therefore, you do not want to end up disappointing their expectations. There is a need to look your best. It can be terrible when your guests turn up looking more fabulous than the host of the event. This means that you will need to […] CONTINUE READING →

Zara Distressed Jeans

This is a true story. I posted this photo ahead in my Instagram account because the story behind it is really funny. More than 10 years ago, I remember watching Renee Salud being interviewed on TV. For those who doesn’t know him, Renee Salud is a gay fashion designer and “beauty-queen-maker” in the Philippines. If […] CONTINUE READING →

The Best of the Net A Porter Shoes Sale

net a porter shoes sale Hello Monday and hello June! We’re heading towards the end of the first half of 2014. Indeed time moves like “the Flash” and I won’t stop it because I can’t wait for my annual vacation. Meanwhile, let’s all work hard and party harder by August where summer awaits us with all its shining glory. Since Monday is one of the […] CONTINUE READING →

Missing in Action

I’ve been missing in action (MIA) for almost a week now. The reason? Currently, I am playing tour guide to my older sister (emphasize the word older) and my mama who are in town for a visit. So for now, follow me on Instagram to catch up PS. On a trip to Jabal Al Akhdar, […] CONTINUE READING →

Stockings with Open Toe Sandals

sales lady uniform I don’t want to be mean but stockings with open toe sandals is killing me just by the look at the sales ladies in this particular department store. Well, I have been working outside my homeland for quite sometime now and stopped bothering about their uniforms. Lately and suddenly, fashion icons Sarah Jessica Parker and […] CONTINUE READING →

Louis Vuitton Luggage Tag

I confess…about 2 years ago I was torn between getting a Louis Vuitton Luggage Tag or a particular Louis Vuitton Keychain. The latter won because in the first place I do not have LV luggage. Second, Rolex thought it was just plain “had-had” (useless). I actually just wanted the luggage tag for my Speedy because I thought it looks […] CONTINUE READING →

New Arrivals: Your Favorite Madewell Transport Tote and More

madewell transport tote New arrivals at the BOUTIQUE this week : VIRZI+DE LUCA Gold-Plated Lobster Earrings $230 – Handcrafted from gold-plated brass, these playful earrings are designed in the shape of a lobster and a crab. TRUFFLE No 1 Clarity Pouch $38 – Wipeable, luxuriously soft Phthalate-free PVC. MADEWELL Transport Tote $168 - A chic, pebbled leather tote with […] CONTINUE READING →