Major Kaugahan : 1000th Post

This is officially my 1000th post. I can’t bilibit believe it. Congratulations to me! haha! Another milestone in I have written 1000 posts that either makes sense or non-sense. I know when it makes some sense because Rolex would tell me so. But when I talk about shoes, bags and fashion in general, he […] CONTINUE READING →

My Kind of Palm Spring

This is my kind of palm spring. Previously, we featured the very cool Kenzo Palm Pouch. This time, with that item in mind, we come up with how to complete the look. Go for a casual denim shirt dress, you can never go wrong. Top it up with semi-manly accessories such as an over-sized watch, […] CONTINUE READING →

Kenzo Palm Pouch

I was in Dubai a few weeks ago and made sure to drop by at the Kenzo Boutique at the Mall of the Emirates (MOE). The most sought-after Kenzo Eye Pouch is no longer sold but they have something just right in time for spring, the Kenzo Palm Pouch. I think they look so cool, […] CONTINUE READING →

Emma Watson Wardrobe Essentials

I love this girl woman. Most of us have known and adored her as Hermione, thanks to Harry Potter but I love Emma Watson now. Recently sighted in the Madrid premiere of her movie Noah , she looks every inch a woman as she rocks the Emma Watson wardrobe essentials : crisp white top + […] CONTINUE READING →

Joseph Garcon Blouse

joseph garcon blouse I am trying to figure out what were the most recent items that luckily find its final destination in my shopping cart. Alright, I bought pieces from the Peter Pilotto X Target. I know Peter Pilotto is among the most un-minimalist label out there. I love how prints and colors come and play in the […] CONTINUE READING →