Why Do You Always Wear Black

thekaloka blog “Why do you always wear black?”, my nine-year-old nephew Nile asked. That question made me ponder because honestly I haven’t really thought about it until he asked me. I narrowed down my reasons to just five and let me justify why. It’s very basic. Period. I’m too lazy to think about other colors. It makes […] CONTINUE READING →

Dreaming of a White Christmas

white christmas I used to dream of a white Christmas. That’s what we typically see in the movies…snow in winter wonderland. Finally, that dream came true…and so this is literally a white Christmas. That fake silver dust I used to know as a kid makes sense now because those tiny snowfall at night really looks like silver […] CONTINUE READING →

Wednesday Wish List : Cyber Week Sale

cyber week sale The holidays are around the corner… it seems like… oh Cyber Week is here! Therefore, in anticipation of the most wanted shopping event of the year, I have rounded up a few items on my wish list for the cyber week sale. ANYA HINDARCH Heart Textured-Leather Sticker | $70 [ S H O P ]     CHARLOTTE […] CONTINUE READING →

Hello Canada

We survived our first 3 months in Canada. Thank you Lord. Thank you for family and friends who helped us get through this. In fact we are not yet through with our settlement. We are still in the process. It takes a while and not as easy as you think it might be. I am fortunate to have known and […] CONTINUE READING →

The Bread that Rocks

I am about to have dinner as of this writing. While waiting for the “lechon kawali” to be served by my dearest sister Ednatot, I suddenly thought of one of the most tasty bread my ever craving tongue has ever tasted. Rolex and I traveled to Jerash, Jordan this year to visit the the site of […] CONTINUE READING →