Where is Justice?

 This was sent to me by a lawyer : Dear Kaloka, the court not yet gave us a date of jadgment , so we have to wait …all court at vcation …. Thanks Atty. X …….Spell judgement. J-A-D-G-M-E-N-T. Well, maybe he is tryng to send sms. Now, tell me…Atty., where is JASTICE? CONTINUE READING →

Daily Dose of Chismis

 Top 5 sites I never fail to check everyday ( if there is any award…I will be perfect attendance awardee ) 1) www.pep.ph  – for local showbiz chismis.2) www.people.com – for hollywood chismis.3) www.facebook.com – for real people chismis.4) www.yahoomail.com – my mail -any chismis? (boring!).5) chuvaness.livejournal.com – for some more chismis. 21st June 2010 […] CONTINUE READING →

Battle with the Ex-boyfriend

 Bernard: Why do women can’t have enough shoes? Me         :  Why don’t you ask your mom why she has so many shoes…and bags? Bernard: Unsaon kya na niya ang boots sa desyerto? Me         : Bitaw, bantay lang ka! One day, I will wear those boots and I will be fashionable!haha! Note: Boots @ Kenneth Cole […] CONTINUE READING →