Are you MED (mad) ?

 My adorable nephew baby Nile can’t wait to go and live in Merika ( America ). The place he believes, where he belongs. In preparation, he tries hard to speak with an American accent. Here’s a conversation he had with his yaya, Ate Lyn2x: Baby Nile: Ate Lyn2x, are you MED ( mad ) ? […] CONTINUE READING →

Fly Cebu Pacific And End Up In Hell

“Do not make decisions when you are at the peak of your emotions”. I truly agree and that is the reason why I am putting this into writing just now…3 days after that very day, I swear Cebu Pacific should fly from the Pacific and end up in hell! Leaving your family for another year of […] CONTINUE READING →

After One Year…

18 August 2009 to 18 August 2010… What I learned after one year of being married? Simple…Huwag i-career ang marriage! Actually I already shared this with a very good friend who is about to get married this month. In fact I’m one of the “Ninang” @ 30! So here’s my take of “huwag i-career”… Just […] CONTINUE READING →

Certified Jinx

 May balat ka sa puwet? WALA! I don’t know what’s with me? But I am a total jinx when it comes to anything related to VISA. Well, what to do, we are fuckin’ 3rd world living things. 1) 2005 – US VISA – all of us (from Kabibe) that applied on the same day were denied. […] CONTINUE READING →

Where is Justice?

 This was sent to me by a lawyer : Dear Kaloka, the court not yet gave us a date of jadgment , so we have to wait …all court at vcation …. Thanks Atty. X …….Spell judgement. J-A-D-G-M-E-N-T. Well, maybe he is tryng to send sms. Now, tell me…Atty., where is JASTICE? CONTINUE READING →