I have nothing personal against Koreans. In fact, they make kaka-crazy TV shows like Boys Over Flowers. However, my ex-boyfriend is not really comfy around them, precisely because he had a bad encounter with a Korean 60 ft under Philippine Ocean. He swears gusto jud nya harbaton ang oxygen mask sa iyang kalagot! Koreans are […] CONTINUE READING →


 I found the bag that goes with shoes in my 01 Nov 2010 entry                                                            +                                                          =                                                         TERNO ! CONTINUE READING →

The Rich and their Yachts

 Knowing my ex-boyfriend, here are the top 3 things he wants to have when he becomes rich : 1) Personal Chauffeur  – hmmmm..achievable2) Top of the line camera – hmmmm..pwede3) YACHT – Impossible! I dont really want to be rich because I enjoy the simple things in life ( promise! ) but when I witness […] CONTINUE READING →