Outfit Inspiration: RECTANGULARED!

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 The recent H&M Bohemian Deluxe campaign. However, in the photos released in the GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council) looks like Gisele is on for a Conservatism campaign. Hey put your shirt on ( to cover the exposed armpit )… Much more to cover the cleavage… These digital alterations have been done in order to “better […] CONTINUE READING →


   I am late for work again today. Not because of the The Buzz but because I have a Thursday sickness (Thursday here is equivalent to Saturday in Pnas). I took a taxi from home to work and surprisingly, the driver (around my age) was kind enough to take me directly to my workplace for […] CONTINUE READING →


 Ang mga lolo't lola doing their morning exercise sa evacuation center sa Japan… VS Ang lola sa lansangan ng Manila… The cute kid in polka dots with her mom, still in an evacaution center in Japan… VS Mga cute na batang lansangan sa Pnas, na ewan ko kung nasaan ang magulang… A man hold his […] CONTINUE READING →


 " Feel at home "….We often hear this from the host or the owner of the homes we are visiting. So I am naming all my posts about homes " FEEL AT HOME ". Until now, I can’t still decide what is my dream home. Of course, I have become realistic as I matured (ahem). Home per […] CONTINUE READING →