Boyfriend’s Shirt

First of all, let me clarify this: He is not my boyfriend and I am happily married. Ok? Last weekend, I went to the mall and saw various red posters in the Gap Store screaming “SALE”. Eye candy, music to my ears and a pain to my wallet because even if items are on sale, […] CONTINUE READING →

Katy Perry on the Cover of W Magazine

Her song “Thinking of You” makes me wanna sing it pretending I am a professional singer. Her other hit “The One That Got Away” is also a favorite even though I couldn’t relate. Who doesn’t love Katy Perry? She’s both beautiful and talented. This month of November Katy Perry graces the cover of W Magazine. […] CONTINUE READING →


If there is someone who knows myself very well, its no other than myself. Right or wrong? It can really be daunting not knowing who you are. I mean at my age? Hello! I don’t want to wait until I turn 40 and let my life begin. Over the past years, I have mastered the […] CONTINUE READING →

My Smart Hollywood Crushes

I knew it! I am always attracted to smart men (ahem Rolex) even if I I have no inkling that they are really smart. Here are my two Hollywood Crushes who made it to the Top 30 Smartest Celebrities in Hollywood. My all-time-crush Mr. Bourne-now-no-more Matt Damon: “Damon may very well be as smart as […] CONTINUE READING →