Keeping Up with Alexander Wang Antonia Sandals

alexander wang antonia sandals The ankle strap sandals is such a phenomenon this year 2013, even the Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ sisters can’t afford to be snapped by the paparazzis without it. So before the year ends, let me just share that one of the fab ankle strap sandals in the world a.k.a Alexander Wang Antonia Sandals is […] CONTINUE READING →

Weekend Wish List – 6 December 2013

7) CONVERSE X MARGIELA Painted Jack Purcell $200 8) RAY-BAN Folding Wayfarer $150 9) 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Tricolour 31 Minute Clutch $525 $367 (sale at May your weekend wish list comes true. PS.  Christmas Wish List #1-3 Christmas Wish List #4-6 Cheers! CONTINUE READING →

Fab Finds at Boutique 1 Dubai

Having been here somewhere in the Jewel of Arabia for 4 years now, I have accustomed to sourcing fashionable finds on-line. Though I salute the convenience of on-line shopping, the feeling of actually fitting a delicate dress or simply the pure joy of window shopping lust-worthy pieces in the flesh is irreplaceable. It is the […] CONTINUE READING →

Emma Watson

Emma Watson I have been virtually stalking a number of celebrities, not in a bad way but to highlight their style so regular people like us can take center stage or step up from the rest at least in our own periphery. I love Angelina Jolie and her comfy, Rosie Huntington Whiteley‘s sexy taste and Kim Kardashian just […] CONTINUE READING →

Lanvin Happy Necklace

Lanvin Happy Necklace Have you ever been so happy you want to scream just to tell the world how happy you are? Shhh…don’t stress your vocal chords ’cause Lanvin has certainly found a way for you to express it via the Lanvin Happy Necklace. It’s in the spin nowadays to be brave enough and tag around as an […] CONTINUE READING →

Victoria Beckham Two Tone Leather Clutch

There is no other better model to promote her own design than herself. Yes, I am talking about Victoria Beckham the designer and her namesake brand Victoria Beckham. If you are looking for a clutch, so praise-worthy that will compliment your look this holiday season, go get yourself this Victoria Beckham Two Tone Leather Clutch. What […] CONTINUE READING →