Over & Under Cover: August 2012

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I was totally engrossed with my Palawan getaway that I found no time to post for Over & Under Cover for the month of August. So let me just share you the cover of Fortune Magazine’s special investors issue (Asia-Pacific edition July 2, 2012).

For the first time Over & Under Cover tackles serious matter. For now, lets take a break from all the fashion and glamour that posh fashion magazines bring. Thanks to Rolex who finds a trip to the toilet bowl boring so before entering the said corner in our tiny hotel in Palawan, he flashes his signature grin waving the magazine. As a souvenir, I took the magazine home.haha!

When you are in your 30′s and have travelled abroad seeing all these old folks (by old I mean over 60) having a grand vacation you will really wonder how they do it. I don’t want to be old right now but can I just say that “when I grow old, I want to be like them.”

How to retire rich? Let me start reading this magazine while Im on my way to the toilet.


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