Marriage and the Louis Vuitton Speedy

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It’s blazin’ hawt (hot) here in the Land of Kaugahan. At 43 °C now in the month of May, what more do you expect come June/July/August when the ultimate summer season is at its best worst? After church yesterday, we ran right away to the nearest cold store to drench our thirst. Accidentally, I poured some amount of (actually, just a drop) water on my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. I screamed. Rolex was terrified. Not for anything but he thought it was his fault.Haha! All the while he believes that any wrong move he does to any of my well-loved bags would cause our marriage. Can you imagine that? That’s totally insane. It made laugh out loud! bwahahahahahahaha! It made laugh out loud even more thinking what my husband thinks about me. Hon…I love Louis Vuitton, only if money grows in trees I will buy every design they have but then again money do not grow in trees. I love you more than anything else. Besides, I didn’t buy that Louis Vuitton Speedy bag but you did.

louis vuitton

My LV Speedy with shoulder strap. Please excuse the jacket which doesn’t seem fit for a summer. I took this photo last winter.

Ok, going back to water and Louis Vuitton, the rounded handle and trimmings in a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag is made of cowhide leather. Once soaked or got wet by water or any liquid (I guess) for some time, watermarks stain the leather. Long time ago, I was so naive that I wipe my Coach bag (with cowhide handle and bottom) with wet wipes. See the result:

The bottomline is, bags and marriage do not belong to the same plate (and will never be nor any material thing). But if you love bags, then your love one will give you what you love, right? haha! And just like marriage that requires tender loving care, you must give your bags the same tender loving care.

Now I just realized, what if I do something not-so-good to any of Rolex’ camera or lenses, will it cause our marriage? Haha! Just a thought and I’m just kidding.


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