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All the while I thought he is the son of Bong Revilla (but they are half-brothers)…see he's only 22 (he's born on a Valentines Day 1989)…very young and gwapo pa naman. The first and last time I saw him was in 2008 at Cafe Lupe in Tagaytay. He was with a "Japayuki-looking" girl, 1 straight-looking guy and 2 obviously gay-looking men. I think at that time he started showbusiness already, well that's why I knew him (read:thebuzz).

We were all on the dance floor. I was with the Tres Marias. We were just tipsy. Of course once in a while he was dancing with her Japayuki-looking date but more often they were just seated and chummy2x to each other. The worst part is these 2 gay-looking men were dancing with us! Kainis! haha!

Well, that's all I can remember about him. Now, he's dead. May he rest in peace.

He has a sister pala named Ramona Revilla who is under warrant of arrest. She's also one of the suspect or perhaps accessory to the murder of his brother Ram.

Akala ko rin eto sya:

Eto pala si "Ramona Revilla" not the sister of Ram but remember when uso pa ang mga ST movies? kaloka ang screen name mo te!


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