Married Life

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It was all about movies last weekend. I’ve have not been into a movie marathon for quite sometime (when you’re getting older, your attention span slowly deteriorates, isn’t it?haha!) First was “American Pie The Reunion” and suddenly highschool came to life. Please don’t get me wrong (I didn’t do sex and alcohol in highschool). Then Rolex and I also watched “Safehouse” which made my ever growing husband realize : I want to be a CIA when I grow up but only assigned in the safehouse (its too late hon). After a meal break, we went on with the movie marathon and see what’s in “The Expendables 2”. I agree with Arnold Swarchenegger, they all belong to the museum (peace man!) and I cant stop my self from laughing whenever I see Chuck Norris (I can’t explain why). Come night time, we still continued with married life, yes the movie with the title “Married Life”.

4 Way Test you need to remember in the said movie:

  1. I’m not at all certain that one can build HAPPINESS upon the UNHAPPINESS of someone else.
  2. It’s hard to build your HAPPINESS upon the UNHAPPINESS of somebody else.
  3. We can’t build our HAPPINESS on the UNHAPPINESS of someone else.
  4. Did we build our HAPPINESS upon the UNHAPPINESS of others?

PS. After the movie “Married Life”, Rolex went to sleep and I was still up watching “Sex and the City 1″…that’s married life. If you can’t get your partner watch a chick flick then watch it all by yourself at least no one will laugh at you when a movie scene makes you cry. Haaayyy… I miss my girlfriends.

PPS. Now we have a new set of music in the car, 90’s alternative. That is what I meant by highschool came to life…smells like teen spirit.


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