What Marriage Is Made Of

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I am one of the worst person to ask about marriage. Yes I am married but people close to me thinks it looks like I am just on a living-in set-up. Anyways, what marriage is, is something too tough to dissect. I can go on telling my own opinion and on the other hand another married person will also have a different thing to say, perhaps Rolex has his own distinct view on marriage 🙂

Misunderstanding is a common denominator in any marriage. If untreated often leads to a serious fight. After 5 years, I have managed to just brush off the lightest insensitive act that Rolex has whipped on me (or maybe I am the one who is constantly whipping him with my non-sense misdemeanors? lol). I keep telling my “sometimes insane self” what marriage is telling me: in any battle, always fight in style (see its me and my insane self again). I was brave enough to throw into the air a cooking ware once and then realized later on that it’s so eeeww, barbaric! Here’s an illustration of what I am trying to say.

If he watches his favorite show, just stay on the sideline looking oh so quiet (that is what you call “silent treatment”)

Treat yourself with just a glass of “Margarita for the sweet Senorita” and say “I also know how to have fun on my own.”

Stop whining. If you have to let your emotions out, cry but not as if you are a hungry baby since 12 midnight. To add some flare, channel the inner you by wearing a feathered dress and killer pumps? Just kidding.

Walking out of the scene is a major no-no.

At the end of the day, before you sleep, always talk and patch things up. Its hard to die in your sleep unforgiven. Always kiss and make up not necessarily make love right away.

And since you are emotionally drained, let him feed the kids the morning after.

what marriage is

Angelina Jolie in Louis Vuitton

A gentle reminder: No matter how angry you are, wives do not kill your husband in his sleep and husbands don’t ever physically hurt your wife.

PS. Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Smith for showing us the way 🙂

photo credit: www.wmagazine.com


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  1. Haha that’s fuckin’ awesome. “In any battle, always fight in style.”

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