Katy Perry on the Cover of W Magazine

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Her song “Thinking of You” makes me wanna sing it pretending I am a professional singer. Her other hit “The One That Got Away” is also a favorite even though I couldn’t relate. Who doesn’t love Katy Perry? She’s both beautiful and talented.

This month of November Katy Perry graces the cover of W Magazine.

katy perry on the cover of w magazine

katy perry on the cover of w magazine

W: Are you religious now?
Katy Perry: I try and keep my connection with the G-O-D or with a power that’s bigger than me. It’s important—otherwise, you don’t have any kind of accountability. If you think, Hey, at the end of it all I am just going to be dust, or I have no soul or whatever, why not just be a menace to society? For me, accountability works.

W: Do you remember the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio?
Katy Perry: I do. I was in Texas, and “I Kissed a Girl” came on, and I filmed myself jumping around. I love hearing my song on the radio the first time, but when it comes on again, I change the station. I already have so much of the spotlight on me. I don’t need any more.

Read more of the interview on www.wmagazine.com


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