Interview with Greek and Chic Vanessa

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Greek and Chic

24/7 Mom & Wife | Civil Engineer | Interior Designer | Proud Greek

When I think of Greece, I think of Santorini. Can you describe your county and your hometown in particular? What is it like to live in Greece?

Greece is an amazing place for summer holidays. Greek islands don’t need any introduction, as they are a famous destination all over the world. You can find the bluest seas, the delicious Greek cuisine, the hospitality of Greek people and many more things each visitor can discover.


Thessaloniki, Greece

My hometown Thessaloniki has a history of over 2,000 years and is the second largest city of Greece after the capital Athens. You can enjoy your Greek frappe coffee in one of the numerous cafes, just watching an amazing sunset reflecting at the sea. The city is packed with cafes, bars and restaurants. Thessaloniki is an easy and cool city to live in. We never hurry here!

Living in Greece is difficult at the moment because of the huge financial crisis but people still manage to find ways to make their lives positive and happy. We Greek people never lose our hope for better days to come and stay strong supporting one another.

You have a very lovely home. Did you handle the interior design? Tell me more about your home.

My big passion for interior design and my occupation as a civil engineer led me to the decision of renovating the house my family and I live in by myself. I have done this from scratch, replacing everything from installations to furniture and decoration.

Greek and Chic

minimal space

photo 2

I love minimal spaces, white and black palette with small pop of colors. Only then I believe you can enjoy the calmness a house is meant to provide. I like spending time at home, as family is my priority at the moment and I could not imagine staying at a house that doesn’t fulfill this. The key in achieving minimal and clean space is creating storage cleverly. Every thing must have its place and stay there after use. This is basic when I design a space.

Greek and Chic

It seemed like you gave up your profession to be a full time housewife and mom, what made you decide that? What is it like to be a full time housewife and mother?

wedding party

Wedding Party

Family means everything to me, so it was an easy decision. I always imagine that when I would have my own family, I will fully dedicate myself in making it. For the first 3 years of my son’s life I was a 24/7 mom. This year he is in preschool, so I have the mornings to myself. I enjoy being a mom more than anything I have ever done. The fulfillment I get from this, makes me forget the downsides of not working. I would never exchange the years I have been away from work.

What was your work before? Tell me about your career as a Civil Engineer. It seemed like a male dominated profession.

Although I miss my job, I believe you cannot commit and succeed in 3 things at the same time: family, work and being a woman. So, I dropped the job issue for now.

interview with greek and chic vanessa

At a construction site

In the past I worked at construction sites being the only woman. It was challenging but also fun, as I was lucky of being treated with respect and most of the times in favor. The most demanding and interesting job I was a part of was the construction of the biggest department store in the city.

Describe your style. What is your typical daily outfit?


Shopping at Zara

Fashion is an important part of my life. I follow the latest trends, embarrassing what I think fits well to me. I like casual street wear in black & white and neutral colors and long dresses for special occasions. My favorite designer is Valentino. My everyday outfit consists of jeans, a simple top and high heels.

What are the top 3 current favorites in your wardrobe? 

My 3 current favorites are : my Valentino camera bag, a pair of Zara distressed jeans and a pair of fringed high heel sandals from a Greek brand SanteShoes.


Her most treasured Rolex watch

What is your most treasured item from your wardrobe and why?

My Rolex watch. I literally never take it off! It was my father’s gift for my uni (university) graduation and has great sentimental value to me.

What is your most recent fashion-buy? What urge you to purchase it?

It was a pair of nude espadrille wedges from Zara. I was looking for a long time for a pair like this, as they can take me from day to night all summer long. The color makes it so versatile and the comfort and height make me feel confident no matter what the rest of my outfit is.

Zara Espadrille Wedges

Zara Espadrille Wedges

Describe your shopping habit? What are your favorite brands.

I spend a lot of time on Instagram and the internet to be informed and get inspired before I go shopping. I like mixing high end accessories with high street clothes. From time to time, I save for something expensive. In between I find myself shopping every week for clothes! There is no way I will leave a big chain store without something new, even if it is just a tee or a scarf. I am obsessed with shopping!

…and lastly

My motto is always try to be the best version of yourself. I compete with myself, not with others. I would like be helpful when someone asks for my advice and I feel honored when they do. Consuming myself in trying to be like someone else or have what other people have, is not for me. I fight with myself and try to behave and look the best I can. If I fail, then it is always a lesson to learn.

Thanks Vanessa. You are definitely Greek and chic and I enjoyed this interview with you.


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