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Yesterday, I was really bitchy and all. I am really bitchy at normal season (I would like to think in a reasonable manner,haha!), but on specific monthly cycle I can be overboard. When I am hungry I can eat you or when I am angry I have killed you 13 times in my mind. The worst part is that I always encounter stupidity, inefficiency and plain non-sense-thinking from other creatures during those times which triggers my already exploding hormones to fire out. Patience has never been my virtue and I am continually on a failing mark whenever I try to practice it. Warning, when I am silent on a corner, just leave me alone. I am counting my hair or any infinity just to subside my raging hormones.

I wish one day, for once in their lifetime, men will experience what its like to have PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) and wake up feeling the intense pain of a first-day period. I can't reduce my state of mind and body in lowest form but Rolex until now can't seem to get me why I am like that (be thankful hon, at least it does not happen everyday…haha!). However, despite of his inability to understand, he is still being very extra patient with me.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (yes, I am the Temple of Doom). Photo was taken at St. James Park, London.
I love this Mango cropped jacket (similar here…and here).

Whenever I am about to attact, Rolex is holding me back. I always refute by saying " the very reason why there are misbehaving people because you let them be. You dont tell them off. They might not know that what they're doing is wrong, annoying or importantly disrespectful." Well, its Holy Week and though I am not fasting nor abstaining from anything, I will try to be nicer.

Thanks hon for your patience. I love you. By the way, today is April Fool's Day =)


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