How to Dress Up Men ?

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My friend plugged me in recently and asked: Can you feature “Men Must Have”? Yeah right! I  never thought on how to fine tune men when it comes to fashion. In the first place, I am still in doubt if there are men reading this blog.

All my life, I only know two men. My brother who is so vain, he uses Obagi on his face (I hope he will not kill me for writing this) and my husband who is extremely opposite, he can live his life in a plain white T-shirt. I wouldn’t mind having both characteristics in one (I mean who wouldn’t love younger looking skin? And I am a firm believer of “all-people-should-have-white-shirts-stock-in-their-closet”), but until now I find dressing up men both easy and a challenging task. Easy because they don’t have peplums or brocade in their fashion vocabulary but challenging because they don’t have peplums or brocade again thereby a very limited styling realm. One day I realized that Rolex has alot of tie in different shades of purple c/o me. I also have the tendency to like men who is fearless in wearing pastel and colors associated strictly to women so I bought Rolex this fuchsia/magenta short sleeved polo. He endured wearing it at work for a time until finally he told me to get rid of it because his colleagues are teasing him “lady-boy” (so what?)

When I was younger, my ideal man is an IDDGG which stands for Intellectually Drop Dead Gorgeous Guy. As I mature, I also came to my senses that  IDDGGs are either gay or celebate. There maybe a few but he’s taken already by an equally Intellectually Drop Dead Gorgeous Woman (and I am not). He is fictional that’s why EL James just made up a trilogy of an IDDGG + super rich man in the person of Christian Grey. However, before you brand a man such as that, an appearance should have an impact starting with how his hair is groomed up to his freakin’ pair of shoes socks, hay! And the moment he opens his mouth is another different story.

How do you really like your men? Do you dictate what they should wear (I’ve given up on that)? Or do you shop them clothes (Oh! I always think of myself when I’m in the mall)? My friend must be right when he said “must-have”…like a staple in your closet…but can’t men be  stylish too or a plain shirt+jeans will do?

Oh well ladies, if you find undressing men easy, then dressing them up should be one easy job. I’ll try.



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